Just thought I would mention these for a bit of trivia, they happened on our road trip to Cornwall.

My car is a Vauxhall Astra, the clock changed as we were driving along and it gained an hour, it made no difference when we turned the car off or on.  Then when it feels like it, it returns to the normal time, this happened about three times.

On our way into Brixham, Devon we went past a couple of supermarkets and a Lydal.  We went along that road at least another four times and we never saw the Lydal shop again.

I made the coffee one day and forgot to boil the water I had put in the kettle, I wouldn’t advise drinking cold coffee.

We very often finished each other’s sentences or said the same thing.

Today Corinne sent me a text saying she was making a new recipe for ya gone!  I replied do you mean tagine?  How did I know?  I have no clue lol.


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