These once a month lunch dates seem to be coming round quicker and quicker but I am not complaining as the desserts are worth looking forward to.  Jackie and Sheila could not make it this month but we still managed to have a laugh.  The food here was really lovely and most all home cooked and proper chips which you do not get very often these days as it is all quick and easy food now.  We all had different things but no one had any complaints and it was all cooked to perfection.


I was surprised at how busy the pub was so it obviously has a good reputation and it is best to book.


The funniest thing was these nice lights they had on the tables, I guess it is something like an oil that burns down through the tip of the wick.  Liz thought that it was vinegar and decided to pour it all over her dinner, I could not eat for laughing and we got some strange looks but they did cook her another dinner.

Lynda always appears to have trouble with her puddings so she has taken over from Jackie for the pudding trouble maker.  She asked for the cheesecake with ice cream but they gave her it with cream, so she then removed the cream and then her ice cream came in a little pot, at least it wasn’t in a tub like at another lunch.

The meal was great and we will definitely go back there again, maybe without Liz and Lynda lol.



A wonderful get together with good friends, lets hope they can all join us next month as it will be mine and Sharon’s birthday so the wine will be flowing hopefully.




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