I guess you are thinking what a strange title but that is just the way I am feeling, yes I am not well again, this time with a chest infection, temperature and headache.  This does not go well with my heart that wants to wear itself out beating so bloody much, making me out of breath just laying about.  I should of recognised the signs during the week but just thought I was exhausted after a hectic couple of weeks, you would think I would learn by now.   

I have been looking through FaceBook and sharing some new published books that look very good so I am extending my to buy list so long I can’t find the end. I am also really looking forward to reading Jo Jo Moyes book that has been made into a film, with great reviews I hear. 

I had my hair coloured this week as was very fed up with the grey colour, I just could not jel with that at all.  It made me actually feel old, yes, I know I am old but you really don’t want to feel it and look it.

I am so pleased with the pink, it is just what I wanted.  

I know a lot of local people to Folkestone, Kent read my blog now so would just like to invite you to drop me a line if you want something reviewed or even just written about to let people know.  Email me at: karensworld.writer@yahoo.com


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