It may be a bit soon for champagne but I am just enjoying this feeling and what it might lead to.  I will start at the beginning as you know I was not very well at the weekend but I knew the promo event was happening.  Which is where you  send your pitch to publishers looking for your type of book.  I sent one about the children’s book series that I have written and then forgot all about it as felt so ill.  I do feel rested now but not better, the doctor said it would take time so I am doing as I am told and reading a lot.  I checked my emails Monday evening and there was ‘the mail’ please can you send your manuscript!  I felt like doing a dance so I did in my imagination lol.  I sent it this afternoon and now have the agony of waiting to see what they say, if I keep telling myself they won’t be interested then I won’t be sad when the rejection arrives in my in-box.

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