Sunday the 19th June was a good day for a birthday, the sun was shining which makes a change as the weather in England is attrocious considering it is meant to be summer now.  I was very spoilt this year as got so many super presents and had such a great time with everyone.

The weekend started great with Corinne taking me to see Simply Red as her daughter had bought her two tickets for her birthday.  We met some great people and had so much fun in fact it was one of the best nights out ever.


Sunday morning I was woken by Corinne with presents, banner up and a nice cup of tea.  Much better than waking up on your own on your birthday.  We both had a few aches and pains from our night out, how times change as we would of been partying all weekend when younger, now it takes a few days to recover and we didnt drink that much so cannot blame the booze.  The atmosphere at the concert was so good and they sounded just as good as they did years ago.

I received so many wonderful presents and really wish summer would arrive so I can make the garden look good with all these things.  Tonight I am out for dinner with grandaughter Kara and Dan so that will be fun.

Another year older and half way through this year all ready, best start saving for christmas lol.

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