I have so many thoughts about stuff at the moment but all I can think about are my friends who are not well, I am staying positive for them but it is so upsetting.  Is this how it will be now we are all in the later years of life?  Life really does suck at times and why is it always the lovely people who get ill, why not the murderers or pedophiles?

Make each day count, I think we all sort of do that as much as we can but when you have a home, family, job and everything else then just make one little thing count that will make you happy.  Life is too short to waste on worrying, easier said than done as i am the worlds worst worrier.  Disagreements can be over quickly or they can drag on, maybe just give in to everything.  What ever the answers are to a happier life then we need to do it as you never know what is around the corner.

Considering I have had a holiday I feel totally shattered after a busy few days and now just want to spend some time indoors catching up on my writing as I need to do some edits to the childrens book and then send back to the publisher.  My bones are not liking this cold wet weather and I feel like a junky the amount of painkillers I am taking to try and ease the pain.

The neighbours have not improved at all in fact it is worse and it really sends a black cloud over me as I just cannot get away from the noise and shouting, I feel so sorry for the old woman having to put up with it but again it is her choice.

I think I need to find a good book to read so I can lose myself in it.



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