This is the third book in the trilogy and it is even better than the previous two, all the loose ends were finished so no wondering what happened to anyone.  The main character Macy is such a strong person and it really comes through and makes you admire her so much.  She is a fighter and refuses to give up even when things get very hard for her, the struggles give her more determination to get home to her parents.

These stories make you realise how easy it is for children to disappear and that is a very scary thought.


Stacy Claflin is a very talented author and I really do recommend that you read these books as they are extremely good.  Not many characters but you get to know them all so well and really feel for them with what they go through.  It must be horrendous losing a child and never knowing if you will see them again but Stacy has captured the feelings with such heartfelt writing, it feels so real in places.   Brilliant writing Stacy.







  1. Interesting book covers and good review. BTW, I’d love your opinion on my latest reviews, I posted 3 last week, 2 books and a play, which is 3 more then normal, so come check them out! Hope you’re having a happy day.

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