So as we enter the last half of 2016 I wish it to be better than the first half, we have lost so many talented people a lot due to the big ‘C’ I started to dread reading the news each morning.  The awful shootings of everyday people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, it makes you think twice about going anywhere.  Friends who have battled and are still fighting illness, my heart goes out to them all while sending positive love their way.  I guess I should mention the weather but on a positive note our winter was very mild, it just seems to have forgotten that we are now in summer and have passed the longest day so while the nights are beginning to draw in again could we please have some sun.  I am sure there are many people like me who really need the warmth of the sun’s rays to make our bones and joints a little less painful. 

We need a positive thing in the news each day so at least we have some good to cling on to as I am sure like me there are many who are just so fed up with Brexit and our government.  It reminds me of a school play ground, all arguing and shouting while trying to be top dog.  The vote is over you cannot expect to have another one just because you don’t like the way it is going, move on.  It is going to take two years for everything to be put in place, no one knows what the outcome will be as it has never happened before.  People worrying about their holiday, passports, exchange rate, shopping prices, businesses and everything else is pointless as I believe very little will change for a long time as no decisions will be made yet.  Let’s not forget parliament go on their summer break soon which also reminds me of school, what other business closes for the summer holidays! 

So, I think positive thoughts are in order for the remaining of 2016, onwards and upwards and goodwill to all.

I think that turned into a bit of a rant but it’s good to get it all out every so often especially when I sit here looking out the window at a cold, wet, dark summer day! 

10 thoughts on “JULY

  1. We all need to buy sunlamps and ingest Vitamin D supplements, cos this overcast weather is not going to lift anytime soon. They’re still spraying chemicals over our heads in order to ‘modify’ the weather. The Cancer scourge could well be from the residue of these toxic (radioactive) particles from above. If you don’t want me to discuss this on your website, I’ll shut up, but we all need to be aware of this spraying campaign, in order to protect ourselves and deal with it. It is a current reality. No use keeping our heads in the sand, right?

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  2. It seems as if there is nothing we can do about these things. Brexit. The weather. And we know that fretting and worrying don’t change anything either. So let’s relax and think about good things. Like the beautiful photo you just posted. Or friendships. Or gardens and flowers. And your yard that gives you joy. Take courage. There are good things to think about!

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