My friend Carol gave me a book token for my birthday so I wanted to get one that I would keep and continue to look at and then I remembered about this book.  I have had it on my WANT list for so long so I was so pleased to be able to buy it and I was not disappointed at all, it really is a superb read with so many different parts in there.  I love the recipes, could you imagine putting vodka in penne pasta?  I will take pictures and do a taste test when I make it.


The other book I got this week I wanted for my writing and again I was so pleased when it arrived as so many good points and words that I am sure it will be used a lot.


My friend Angela the sci-fi author told me about this book and can understand why she loved it so much.  Well worth getting if you are an author and get stuck for words at times, I find I know a word in my head but I just cannot recall it so this really helps me.


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