Sometimes we have crazes that I just do not understand and one of them is Pokemon.  Funny looking things that have progressed to games as I can remember them as cards that kids collected and swapped, could not understand it then and still don’t now.  I guess we cannot all like the same things but I wish I could understand why they are liked so much.

Then we have Games of Thrones, tried to watch it once but it really did not appeal to me and again I struggle to understand why people like it so much.  Am I just getting too old to value these things?



4 thoughts on “POKEMON OR NOT

  1. No Karen. You’re not getting too old to value these things. You’re getting too wise to accept these things. You just don’t know it. ‘Pokemon Go’ is a new mind control thing, designed to capture the young minds of those who are too naive to know what’s going on. Sad.

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  2. I don’t get it either! I figure people don’t have enough to do, so have to enter a fantasy world to make themselves busy.

    When I was teaching we had children taking money out of their parents’ wallets in order to buy Pokemon cards from their friends in the school yard!!!

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