Last Sunday I was reading the magazine you get in the newspaper when I saw an article about this book which made it sound very good.  So, I went on Ebay and bought it, I had to buy a used one as it is not in print anymore which made me wonder why they were advertising it but anyway I am very pleased they did.  This book is not just a cookery book with some great recipes which are different from your usual run of the mill ones but also it tells you about the ingredients, I found this extremely interesting and it was nice to read about the areas and where the recipes come from.  At £2.71 and free postage it was a bargain which I really like and will be practising some of the recipes and using herbs a lot more in my cooking.  Happy cooking x


6 thoughts on “COOKERY BOOK

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    • Lol I know what you mean, yes I will do pics and post about how hard it was lol maybe I will start off with an easy one. I love the writing in this book about areas and what the foods are like to grow. Best cook book I have read. X

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