If I get this excited when my story is in an anthology goodness knows what I would be like if I ever get a book published.  I may have to be picked up from the floor lol.


This book is a collection of Folkestone writers who submitted stories during The Folkestone Book Festival last year, my story is called Coffee and Go.


It will soon be that time of year again so I am just beginning to think about what story to enter or should I write another one.  I have a few ideas that are jotted down and I do like to start a new project.

November will be National Novel Writing Month so I am also thinking about what to do this year and even though I would like to start a new book, I now have two that need to be finished so think I will do them and also a couple of short stories for some magazines.

I have been a bit slack with my writing lately but in my defence I have read a lot of books so far this year so it’s not all bad, 30 is my total so far and I am pleased with that.


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