You should realise this as the rain has set in for the weekend but it’s not all doom and gloom just because our Indian summer has departed not to return until next year, you now have to think about:

Staying in all weekend as everything outside is cancelled……Hurray!

Standing in a steaming shower until every strand of hair feels overheated then wrapping yourself in that big soft towel.

Cosy fluffy socks to warm your feet up after getting soaked in your sandals on the way home.

Slipping into your new soft, comfy pyjamas after peeling your skirt/trousers off your legs from the soaking you got when the lorry went past you splashing water.


Finding that great book you have been wanting to read all summer but the barbecues and parties kept getting in the way.

Looking forward to watching all the previous Cold Feet episodes before the new one starts.

Cutting up lots of vegetables, so therapeutic I think, then making a huge pot of stew that you can just eat all weekend.

Turning all alarms off and not even looking at a clock.

Opening that good bottle of red you have been saving for weeks but didn’t want to share.

Remember that box of chocolates you got for your sister’s birthday?  You can eat them all yourself and replace on Monday ready for her birthday.

Look in the cupboard and find that tin of rhubarb, packet of crumble and tin of custard, then you have the best rhubarb crumble to eat all to yourself.

Turn your phone on silent, be very selective who you reply to and most of all ignore the door bell, this is your time.

Happy rainy weekend everyone x


5 thoughts on “HEY IT’S FRIDAY

  1. Well, that’s not very sociable and I was just about to ring your doorbell too. I’d have helped you demolish the rhubarb crumble but being a gent you could have had all the bottle of red to yourself. I know, you were on the point of hiding it then.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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