At last I got round to watching this film, Me Before You, what a brilliant film and definitely as good as the book.  I really do not know how this got any bad reviews as it was simply marvelous, I cried at the ending even though I had read the book and knew what was going to happen.  Even the bits that the film missed out from the book did not spoil the viewing at all.  A brilliant story written by Jo Jo Moyes, now I can read the next book after Izzy has finished it.

I also watched Dirty Grandpa which is so funny, I was not expecting to like it but I did and laughed lots.


Zac Efron makes any film worth watching as he is so good-looking but the acting from them both is great, it must have been very fun to make.


I got lovely flowers from Jodie also spent Sunday with her watching films and eating munch all day, I blame it on the weather as it was raining all weekend so you cannot go out to do anything. lol.


Autumn has arrived and all the children are talking about Christmas already so I have started writing my lists about what to buy for them all.

I did the update on my iPhone 6s and it is so good, so I spent a lot of the weekend playing with that and trying out all the new things you can do with it.

Have a great week everyone. x


3 thoughts on “WEEKEND FILMS

  1. Re: Me Before You (Movie) – I had a falling out with a friend because of this film, over a silly comment she’s made. I cried a river on the beach scene when he was sharing all his frustrations being on the chair… I was pouring my heartfelt opinion on my post then my friend commented, “I didn’t cry at all, I don’t know why everyone’s saying it’s a tearjerker!”

    Gosh I was so annoyed! LOL.

    I haven’t seen Dirty Grandpa though.. I am gonna give it a try this weekend 😀

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