Another little gem of a tea shop in Folkestone that you really have to discover, it may look little from the outside but it has a heart bursting with everything wonderful inside.  Very cosy, super atmosphere and delightful people to serve you.  The walls are full of different menus and what a great selection for a small business to offer.

I sampled the afternoon tea of fruit scones with cream and jam, delicious scones bursting with fruit making them all plump and moist, wish I could make them so fat mine always turn out looking like pancakes!

Fresh coffee in a cute cup and saucer that is refilled as often as you like, with them noticing when you needed a refill so I never had to ask, great customer service.

The whole shop is very shabby chic and the unusual bit that I thought was so good was the different book on each table, mine was a cake baking one but would have loved to look at them all.  Selection of cakes was very good with the chocolate fudge cake looking very attractive.  Fresh flowers on the tables and a bud on your plate made everything look like so much care had been taken to make your visit so enjoyable.  With an outside garden, small but big enough for a few tables there is nothing that Anna’s is missing, just wish I had found it sooner.  For the readers of Folkestone it is on Cheriton Place which is the one way road up from Chambers.

Then to make this even more interesting downstairs they have furniture for sale that has been painted very shabby chic or even just varnished.  A good selection if you are in need of furniture or handmade pieces.


So many things to look at in such a small place but not feeling cramped.  You may have to wait a little bit longer but it really is worth it as everything that comes out of that kitchen is prepared with so much love and attention.

You can see their Facebook page at:

6 thoughts on “ANNA’S

  1. Funny you’d mention Anna’s. My friend Julian, who lives in London and picked me up at the airport to bring me down here, on my arrival from Mexico, chose this place for lunch and getting to know each other again. The lunch was fabulous and the owners were good vibes. Much recommended.

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  2. Hmmm, a gem of a teashop, strange that you always focus more on cakes than on tea isn’t it? It looks very like another one you’ve done I’m sure and cakes were mentioned there too. I’m sensing a theme.
    Hoping you’re OK, I’m sending Hugs Galore xxx

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