I went to the screening of this short film at the Sunflower hall last night with my friend Angela and Izzy.  We had seen a trailer of it at Lime Bar last year so it was good to see the final version, especially as it was viewed at The Cannes Film Festival this year.

It was nice to see The Warren in Folkestone used as the location also all local people, some even from The Edge at our college that had never worked on an actual film set.

The music from Call back the giants was very effective in the film and a good choice I thought as with any thriller type film I feel the music plays a big part.


Dominic Pillia also chatted about his next project which is Rivers Of My Father which sounds very interesting, especially as it has a human element which is his father and the sad effects of dementia.

It reminded me of the book I read and reviewed form a local publisher called My Mother Is A River.

I will look forward to seeing the final film, Dominic is at the moment looking for sponsors, grants and donations so the filming can begin.

A great night was had by all, well done Dominic.



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