Last week I took Jodie (eldest daughter) and Alfie (grandson) to Euro Disney, we travelled on the Eurostar catching it at Ashford early Thursday morning; it makes it so simple as it takes you right into the park so all you have to do is cross the road and get on the shuttle bus for your hotel.

The package we got included Eurostar, park tickets for 3 days, hotel 2 nights, breakfast, afternoon snack and your evening meal which you could have in any restaurant in the park or outside.  Mickey’s Place is a must for dinner as the character’s all come round to see you while you are eating.  The food is good and service excellent, I have never known a waiter remember everything people order without writing it down.  It really is a good deal with the exchange rate not so good at the moment. We also ate in the buffet restaurant in the park, so much choice you just didn’t know where to start but the desserts we ended with were delicious.


They sat us in a lovely area that just had two tables, so cosy.


Jodie and Alfie mucking about, we laughed so much that the other family gave us dirty looks as they left, we enjoyed ourselves though.

Alfie enjoyed the Toy Story area, I loved the way the fences were Knex and the wall of Dominoes looked great.

Alfie wanted a particular teddy from The Lion Guard and we eventually found it the second day after it was tracked down by this wonderful sales assistant, we are going to write to the manager of the shop as she really went above and beyond in helping us.  Alfie’s face when we found them was lovely, I felt like crying.


So many things to take photos of so I will do a section on my website with all the pictures.

We had afternoon tea in Toad Hall one day.


The Haunted House was busy.


We liked the train that went all around the outside of the park.  Then it was time for ice cream.

The Lego shop was good, it had tables were the children could build things and an assistant showing them how to build.  The Toy Story figures were amazing and Alfie liked the Minecraft Lego so I think that will be in his letter to santa.

How about this for the most expensive thing we found in Disney.  An ornament for€37,500


A lovely time was had by all of us, I am still recovering as it is so exhausting, I got swollen feet and every part of me ached, the first day back I didn’t even get out of bed.  That is my Euro Disney done now though as I have taken each of Jodie’s children, it really is such a magical place.  Jodie wanted to know why I hadn’t told her it was so good, it’s lovely seeing your children and grandchildren so happy.fullsizeoutput_7df

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