How exciting to be part of this book tour of one of my favourite authors @amandaprowse


Amanda Prowse is a very talented writer who keeps churning out these best sellers but I have to say this story is her best so far, it has a bit of everything in it and will touch you all at some point.

Like most conditions you only really know the basics about them until it involves you or your loved ones, I hope and pray anorexia never touches you as this book brings it all home as to how devastating this condition is and not just the person suffering from it but their family and loved ones as well.

Beautifully written with such sincerity and affection, Amanda has delved into the core of this family to expose so much hurt and anger that it will leave you shaken.  Tears were shred when reading this but it is a page turner that I could not put down at all as I needed to know what was coming next.

This deserves not only 5 stars but a best seller title.  I also think Amanda should come to Folkestone for a book signing, don’t you?



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