Where does the time go, it only seems like yesterday he was a baby in your arms.  They grow up so quickly when they have older brothers and sisters that it is just scary.  They all came to Nanny’s for a little tea party after school, good fun had by all.  I then got my pj’s on and chilled in front of the tv.  When you think back to all what you used to do when younger it makes you a bit sad, realising you are old.


It was then Jodie’s birthday, I won’t mention her age but I wish I was still that young!  My bestie Corinne and myself took our two daughters out for the evening and what an evening that was with so much laughing and shenanigans.  A great time was had by all with a few sore heads the next day, not sure why there are no photos of myself and Corinne.  Billie drove and looked after us all so a huge thank you to her as it can’t have been easy! lol.  My two girls mean the world to me and this is making christmas so very special this year for our families as everyone is coming together in the true spirit of christmas.


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