They say that today is the most depressing Monday of the year, well that is me today but do you think certain days are worse than others?  I have not slept very well the last two nights so that is part of why I am a bit low.  I think in January the weather has a huge influence on our moods as it is such a long way till we get days full of sunshine and happiness.  Do you stay in more in the winter, not see friends or family as much, also I find I do not have many visitors.  I look out in the garden and even that looks all dull and miserable no matter how much I try to make it better.  Feeling cold makes you miserable, you eat more as not doing as much then you get on the scales and your even more miserable.  Well now I have made you all a bit down let’s think of something that makes us happy, for me it is my three children and ten grandchildren as without them there would be no point.


They are my world. 

One thought on “MONDAYS

  1. Grandchildren can do it every time.
    Don’t let the Winter blues get you down Karen, just think of all the Summer fun you have and your great little monthly riotous foodfests with your cronies. They entertain us all.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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