I cannot wait to read this and tell you all what I think, I love this author especially as I live near where she writes about and I really like that.


2 thoughts on “NEW BOOK COMING SOON

  1. Not long to go now, Karen! My new book will be out next Thursday 6th April and I’ll be doing a signing event at Canterbury Waterstones (in Rose Lane) on Saturday 8th, so if anyone would like to come along and say hi, feel free! I’ll also be signing copies of the books for any reader who would like one – including personal messages. The TV rights to the books have now been sold so there may well be a TV series in the near future – and there will certainly be an article in the Sunday Times this week (2nd April) in the Home magazine section of the paper – about the books – and what an integral part Whitstable plays in them – almost another character. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the series. I can be contacted on Facebook on my Author page: or on Twitter on @juliewassmer. Very happy to send signed labels to readers who aren’t local. Thanks for all. Julie

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