I had one of the most memorable breaks with my friend Lynda a couple of weeks ago in Liverpool, I had never visited there before and wow was I in for a shock.  It is a beautiful place so clean, so much history that I must admit I never knew about and shops, well what can I say there were more than any other place I have ever been.  One of the many shopping centres called Liverpool one has over 35 places to eat upstairs so it sure caters for every taste.  Many streets full of shops, bars and restaurants and NO where was empty!

We stayed at an airBnB, which I have only just come across, it is on-line and an app, so much cheaper than a guest house or hotel.  We shared a room and had access to the kitchen for breakfast which you just help yourself to, also there was tea & coffee-making facilities in our room, if you needed anything you just had to ask her or text her.  The bus went from the end of the road into Liverpool center so no parking worries and so much quicker.  I will definitely be using these again and they are everywhere so I will look for them in Spain next time I go.

We ate out the first evening as it had been a long day, it took 6 hours to get there from Kent but motorway all the way and only had a bit of traffic on the M25 so not too bad.  The chinese was by the BnB, what a lovely place and I must say how very, very friendly the Liverpudlian’s are and will do anything to help you.  The lady owner was born in Liverpool so had no trace of any Chinese accent which was the case in many chinese shops as they have been settled in Liverpool since 1834 when the first vessel arrived in Liverpool’s dock. There is even a China Town.  Prices are extremely good, we had the set meal which was more than enough in fact neither of us finished the main.  All washed down with a nice chilled white wine, what more could you want.  BED is what we wanted then but a great first day.

The back of the houses are really close together with no real back gardens and it reminded me of Coronation Street, one of the soaps we have in the UK.


11 thoughts on “LIVERPOOL,UK

  1. I have lived in Liverpool for the last 7 years (originally from London) and have loved every minute. I have not seen the racism you are referring to and believe maybe it is just the select few as is it in any other city.

    I would not want people to take your comments and label Liverpool as a racist city, it most definitely is not.

    I’m glad you had a good time, it is a lovely city to visit.

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  2. My memories of Liverpool- I came to live in Liverpool in 1973 aged just nine after living in Cyprus for five years and fleeing the start of the Turkish invasion. Originally born in London, I, my brothers, sister and parents left the UK for a new life in Cyprus. The war broke out so we came back to the UK to settle in Liverpool. We lived in five areas of Liverpool over forty years- Croxteth, Tuebrook, West Derby and Huyton and Broadgreen and in that time we were at war with the racists. They attacked our home, burned our car, threw a brick in my sisters face at just 2 years of age. During 1970s and 1980s racism was rife in Liverpool and it should have (if one existed) been awarded the Capital of Racism. Glad to say I got out in the end- unfortunately my mother was punched down the stairs at 75 years of age and later got Cancer and my father (80 years old) had CS gas sprayed into his face after racists smashed into their home in Liverpool- that was just five years ago so nothing has changed. Our family spent the 70s and 80s just staying alive in Liverpool. Memories of Liverpool- not good.

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    • OMG how awful, I am extremely pleased I didn’t see any of that while there. With many different cultures there you would never think it to be like that. I am so very sorry you and your family had to experience that. xx

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      • Racism is hereditary in Liverpool. It’s in the blood of the older generation and passed down. Before I left Liverpool I went shopping with my wife and saw an Asian lady with her little daughter in the aisle. A man was behind us with a little girl. His little girl pulled towards the Asian little girl- I presume to play. The man pulled his kid back and knelt down on one knee- he whispered to his kid “don’t go near them, they are pakis”. My wife was disgusted but I said “it’s just normal in Liverpool”.

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