This is free to enter and it is a must visit place as it tells you the history of Liverpool, so interesting.  The symbol of Liverpool is the Liver Bird which you can see on many buildings, art work, stationary and documents, in fact it is everywhere and has been for the last 700 years.  The largest Liver Bird stands 18ft tall on the top of the Royal Liver building on Liverpool’s waterfront.

From the slave trade, Chinese trade, dockside settlers there is everything you could possible want to know about Liverpool in this museum so well worth a visit.

I really did love the way the architects have blended the new buildings in with the old so nothing looks out-of-place.  So many different shapes of the new buildings make it all so interesting.  They really do welcome visitors with so many places of interest, you could really do with a good 10 days to see many places but still not everywhere.

I loved the illusion of this building looking so thin from the front and then opening up in a curve at the back.

Very romantic in Liverpool, I just loved the love locks by The Albert Dock.

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