One of the first places to see when you get there is The Cavern Club which was made famous in the 60’s by the Beatles playing there.  I was expecting a bar but this place is amazing as it is under ground with brick walls and arches everywhere.  This is the same stage that the beatles played on.

They have musicians playing and singing Beatles tunes all the time and they are so good.  Tribute bands play once a month for something different.  Such a stimulating place and so relaxed with people dancing where ever or if you want to wander round there is information about the club and beatles all over the walls and even their guitars on show.  I loved it and if you have never been to Liverpool then you really must go.

Outside the club you have the bronze statue of Cilla Black who was also a true Liverpudlian, never losing her accent and such a lovely person.  Singing from the same time as the Beatles she went on to become a show host of the well-known Blind Date and Surprise-Surprise on television but I think her first love was singing.


If you are a dedicated Beatles fan you can go on the Magical Mystery Tour exploring The Beatles Liverpool with such places like, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, their homes and schools.  I am sure you would be over loaded with everything Beatles but what an amazing tour.


There are many statues of famous people all over the town and as you can see a pint is very cheap.


13 thoughts on “THE BEATLES & LIVERPOOL

  1. It is one of my dreams to visit Liverpool! So glad I came across your post, I will have to take note of these adventures when I do visit there one day. Love the photos – especially of The Cavern Club! Cheers!

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  2. I know the original Cavern burned down and they rebuilt it. But it sounds like they were able to save some of the artifacts from it, such as the stage?? I just finished Mark Lewisohn’s great biography of the Beatles. It’s a great read not just about the four lads, but also Liverpool in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Great post, wonderful pictures! – Marty

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