Julie Wassmer has done it again, another superb read from the Whitstable Pearl Mystery collection.  I would like to thank Littlebrown Books and Julie for sending me this to read before publication, it is a privilege to read and review for you.

This again left me baffled as to who had committed the two murders until it was disclosed at the end!  Brilliant writing with descriptions that made you feel you where actually there. I love the characters, they all blend together so well, making you feel like they are actual people in Whitstable.

Pearls mother Dolly gives her a birthday present of a cooking course with a well-known chef at an exclusive retreat set on the old Pilgrims Way into Canterbury.  What could possibly go wrong?

Two murders in such a small group of people you would think the murderer would stand out but no, very clever writing with subtle clues, that I did not get makes this an outstanding murder mystery.  With the added romance that is trying to bloom between the police detective Mike McGuire and Pearl simmering in the back ground adding a warm addition to the mix, that is until the good-looking ‘hot’ chef Nico gets Pearl’s attention.  McGuire realises he has to up his game if he wants anything to happen with Pearl but is he to late and has Nico got there first?

I cannot wait for the next mystery and the developments in the lives of Pearl and her family.


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