The grandchildren have had a busy couple of weeks, I love to hear about what they are doing.  Jade celebrated her 15th birthday with one of her presents being another trip to London to see her favourite singer Ollie Murrs with her Mum.

She also spent a day with her pony riding along the beach and a family meal in the local pub which I did manage to go to.


One of my friends Carol spent a month in Australia visiting her daughter and husband who live on 10 acres of grape vines.  I asked her before she went if she could get me a fridge magnet as I collect them from places I go and bless her she remembered and got me a pink one, I was so pleased with it as forgot when I lived there.


My eldest daughter got her new hot tub up and running not being able to wait for husband Darren to build pagola so up went the gazebo and it did the job and looked excellent.

Children had far too many eggs but enjoyed the hunts and eating of them.  All back to school tomorrow and that’s another holiday over, next one is the end of  May.





6 thoughts on “EASTER SCHOOL HOLIDAY 2017

  1. It’s funny how they’re different. Our lot have just started their second week of holiday and return next Monday.You’d think they’d all be the same.I searched the house yesterday but found nothing. I think the Easter Bunny is getting a bit past it now. The job’s too much for him if he forgets old friends.
    I hope he remembered you Karen.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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    • I think the Easter bunny is a bit forgetful as he missed me to. Everyone is a bit subdued today as it’s school and work in morning here but daughter is cooking a roast so I will have my dinner then home for sleep lol 😂 Hope you had a good Easter xxx

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