I sometimes wonder if going on holiday is worth all the stress that goes with it, although I must say I don’t remember getting this stressed previous years.  My head feels like it is going to explode with so much going through it.  When you live alone with the cat everything is left to oneself to sort out, my lists have lists have lists, almost forgot medication but thank goodness the chemist sorted that all out with doctor.  I love my garden and I am sure everything will flower while I am away, I have given my grandaughter a list of what she should water, take photos of, aswell as looking after Peaches.  I like to get all washing done as will be bringing more home with me and I like the place all tidy and clean.  My cleaner is really ill in hospital so not sure if she will be able to return, gardeners appear to be very rare, daughter did cut hedge so I can get to my gate now without fighting my way through.  I know I am going to come home to weeds amongst the flowers but not a lot I can do about that.  I must be a bit low as that makes me so sad, should I be going away feeling like this?  Going to be very worried at airport and will go straight through security as I figure you are safe there, I know you can’t live in fear but it does make you more aware of things.  I am afraid my friend Corinne might have to wait a bit before we go to The Shard as I really don’t want to go to London at the moment, I would be worried going there everyday if I worked there.  The events in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge are awful and my heart goes out to all the injured and the families of the people we lost, how do you get over that?  Stay safe everybody, I will return and hopefully will feel a bit better.

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