JULY 2017

Over half way through the year and I can honestly say that I have not accomplished very much at all, which is a bit unusual for me, I think it may be due to the fact that I was ill for much of the beginning of the year, thank goodness all is well now.  I actually feel like writing again so I am going to put the finishing touches to the children’s book and send it back to the publisher, well that is the plan.


Today is also Canada Day so have a fun happy day all my Canadian followers.

My good friend Lynda is celebrating her 70th birthday today so I would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to her and hopes she has a good two weeks with all the parties and celebrations.  The many faces of Lynda!


Have a great weekend everybody. x

9 thoughts on “JULY 2017

  1. You’ve probably accomplished a great deal. Your list is longer than your arm about what you hoped to get done ☺ never discount what you’ve done, I used to do that and I was unrealistic in what I expected of myself. It took me forever to learn to scale it back, lol. Not saying that’s what your doing only that I did, consequently I was hard on myself. I live in BC where are you? Did you enjoy Canada day selebrations?

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