That feels so good to be able to say that as I was beginning to wonder if I would again, so today I polished off and edited the first chapter of the children’s book.  Will look at another couple of chapters and improve them then they can all go back to the publisher, just hope they haven’t forgotten me.

I popped over to Romney Marsh this morning as that is where my dentist is and it is always nice to see the fields and sheep as I drive by.

I was also  very pleased with myself as I have at long last actually grown some Freesia’s, I love these flowers and their smell, they were my Nans favourite as well so that must be where I get it from.  Still lovely and warm so I need to fit in some weeding somewhere this week.


My next little project is to make this cup wreath and so far I have collected four cups, I was amazed that charity shops do not have a box of old cups but it seems not as now they appear to be like gold dust!

It is time for bed to read, this book seems to be taking me a while to read, I just can’t seem to get into it and I really don’t like it when that happens.  At least I can look forward to the next one that I am hoping to start before the end of the week.


13 thoughts on “I AM WRITING!

  1. I LOVE the teacup wreath. I might have to make this for fun. I have dozens of teacups, but they hold imeasureable memories from growing up and are stored in my china cabinet. But I may hit up a few second hand stores because for some reason, I find this a delightful idea.

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  2. I remember my father was on the Romney Marshes either before or during the war.I wonder if my paternal grandmother and her latest victim had a greengrocery shop in the area. Just vague memories floating round all the space in my head since I’m not writing.
    xxx Massive Hugs Glad to hear you’re back to the writing xxx

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