I guess a lot of us amateur writers very seldom get any praise or even feedback from the stories we write for competitions or in this case the local anthology of stories from Folkestone writers.  BUT when we do you just have to sing it from the rooftops, well I do anyway.  So this is my latest comment that meant so much to me.

Hi Karen,                                                                                                                                      Having just re-read your short story in The Folkestone Anthology, I have to congratulate you on an impressive piece of writing.  Caroline Jew’s life seemed to be fraught with disasters, until a simple chain of events turned it around.

A story of changing fortunes. This uplifting tale, gently weaves its way through the Creative Quarter of Folkestone, of which you have intimate knowledge.

A story of two halves, very clever Karen.  I loved it xx📝❤l




So if you have not read it yet, then why not?  I have some books left for sale at £7.99 which I will even sign for you, they would make an excellent present for Christmas!

I have just finished my story for this year so lets hope my good run carries on.



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