It was the lovely Lynda’s birthday lunch on Wednesday so we went over to her neck of the woods, Whitstable, luckily it was a Hungry Horse pub and we had a voucher for 33% of the main meals, what a bargain!  This pub is bigger than usual and also has a huge garden with a play area and many tables.  Service was excellent as usual with the food coming out altogether and hot, staff were so friendly and nice.


This was the last birthday meal for Lynda but she has got a trip on the Orient Express, a cruise and a couple of days in Oxfordshire to look forward to, I can’t wait till I have a special birthday if this is what you get.

As usual there was so much going on that we all forgot about the pics but I did get the desserts and lets face it they are the best bit.

The portion of chocolate fudge cake was amazing so I had to help Sylvie eat it!  I do not agree with waste lol.  As usual the lunch took about 4 hours but we had a cracking time.

4 thoughts on “THE LADIES THAT LUNCH

  1. There’s nothing like a bit of what you fancy Karen,
    and those desserts definitely hit the sweet spot, if
    you will pardon the pun? I could just eat that right
    now, but then I have my youthful figure to watch 😉

    LMAO 🙂
    Have a great
    rest of
    Dear friend.

    Andro xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I find it’s best to turn the mirrors round as I think I’ve got those joke ones that make you look 👀 short and fat and I’m sure I’m not lol 😂 great to have you back Andro xx


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