It is not often I get what is known as that light bulb moment when things just all fall into place in your mind and then you know what you have to do.  In this case I have got to say good-bye to someone I have known for a number of years but we are just going in different directions and no where are we on the same road anymore.  It is so much easier when you can see all this as there is no anger or upset, it is just a have a nice life.

Older and wiser is a lovely place to be, I just wish I had known so many things when younger but it just goes round and round no one listens to their elders, we all think we are right.  Sometimes life is so hard or is it that we make it hard for ourselves?

I am all for a happy, peaceful and content way of life now and if I am honest I am happier now on my own in my little flat and garden than I have ever been.  It is a great comfort that my three wonderful children and ten grandchildren all live within walking distance and are always there for me as I am for them.

I feel very proud of my kids as they have all grown and developed into lovely, intelligent warm adults so I think I did a good job even though I made so many mistakes with all of them, we have all learnt from them.

Love you all 💖 

4 thoughts on “IT ALL FALLS INTO PLACE

  1. Glad you are still here, blogging away and having some fun. Hey living in your flat, peaceful and quiet, sounds pretty good to me Karen. Just hold back on those late night parties, and… Well we don’t need censorship, so I will just wish you a very happy Tuesday with lashings of everything you wish for next 😉 🙂

    Yes it is me, back from my quest…
    Just kidding, it’s just a catch up from,
    not sure when, but I am back 🙂 lol

    Andro xx

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