A beautiful water fountain at the indoor market in St Helier, fresh flowers, fruit and veg in abundance.  I loved the old bookshop in there and I wanted so many of the photographic ones of Jersey but I held of as I have taken lots of pictures so could make my own book! 

One of the places I wanted to go to was The Mermaid pub as I had a photograph of myself sitting outside it when I was 8 so I wanted to re-take the picture but the pub has now been turned into a nursing home, so that was a shame.

St Catherine’s Bay has a lovely big cafe looking out to sea, not that there was much to look at today as it was raining at the time but it was still really busy.  The menu was very varied with it all looking delicious, I treated myself to a cream tea but for some reason they don’t use clotted cream, it was like a runny whipped cream which was a shame.

I also went to the Lavender farm, I could have spent a fortune in there so many lovely smelling items especially the bath oils.  I got some seeds of a different type of Lavender than what I grow at home.  I keep seeing Jersey Black Butter so will purchase some just before I head back and take it home with me.  

Once the rain stopped it turned into a gorgeous sunny day, the sea looked so calm and inviting, apparently it was 17 degrees not that I tried it!  A quiet evening planned then tomorrow a nice Sunday lunch hopefully in the local pub that I can walk to as I have had enough driving for now.  Happy weekend everyone. 

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