Are we creatures of habit regarding the food we eat? Do you pick the same things on the chinese take-away menu when you order in?  Do you put more or less the same things in your basket when you are shopping and then cook the same things week in week out?

I think we are programmed to repeat everything that we were bought up with or the routine we established once we moved out and lived away from our parents.  We say we do not like certain things but have we actually tried them the last few years as our tastes for things change the older we get.  Children can say they do not like some foods by just looking at them and that thought will stay with them as they grow, only some will then taste the foods they thought they didn’t like when older.


I am very prepared to keep drinking the wine and eating the cheese even if it is a habit oh! and the chocolates, cakes and biscuits.

Do you buy and eat out of habit?  Why do we do this?

7 thoughts on “DO WE EAT FROM HABIT?

    • Very true, I often see something that looks nice when eating out but then I think if I don’t like it then it’s a waste of money….as if your really not going to like it lol. I think we all need to break the habit of what we eat and why. x

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  1. I read a long time ago that a lot of people become overweight by eating when they are bored or emotional, instead of eating when hungry. That really made me think twice about when and why I put food in my mouth.

    As for what I eat, I tire of food easily, so I have several favourites I cycle through. I go through phases where I crave Mexican, Italian, Caribbean (I’m Jamaican) or Asian food and tend to eat lots of those at those times. I would like to think I don’t always buy the same things or eat at the same places all the times.

    Thanks for posting.

    – Alexis Chateau

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    • I can understand that about eating when bored, you have to make yourself not do it. I find it’s best if I just do not buy anything to do with cakes or chocolate lol 😂 I think we also get stuck in a rut of doing what ever is easiest at the time. Take-away is a way of life now so you have to think about what you eat all the time. X

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