A lot was packed into this short story making it an impressive read and a good lead into the Inspector West stories.  I did think the ending was a bit abrupt but that is all part of a good short story, so it makes you want more and I am looking forward to reading this series.  The police came across a lot of dead ends and some red herrings to throw us of the track but to be honest I do not think you could guess who committed the murders until towards the end.  There were a few characters in this so may be that could be cut down but if you have a good memory then you will remember who is who, I have not, so I did have to go back to remember who went with what name.  This did not put me off the story though and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I think also it was good to read a short story for a change and get to the good bit quick and the ending. Will be keeping a look out for Peter’s next book.


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