I appear to have a few blogs to write today as I have been a bit slow keeping up with this when writing for the NaNoWriMo and that is not going as well as I had expected either. I have the builders in next door where the noisy neighbours were and they are gutting the place so I am hearing every single type of machinery there is!  Even though it is by no means anything like the shouting that was going on before it is still a bit of a disturbance as I keep losing my thread.  I have added a good few thousand to my manuscript but still a way to go before I get to the end.


My friend Angela has finished her second book and is onto edits, I wonder if there are any authors that like editing?  I am looking forward to reading what happens in the future with her characters and will the love story continue?

I also have to show you this poem, which was written by Angela’s daughter Sophia, she started the girls grammar in September and is loving it.


I thought this was very good so I had to share.  Well done Sophia.

Do you ever get stuck as to what to read next?  I have never felt like this before and have started about five books but I just cannot seem to get past about the first chapter, they don’t seem to be gripping me and pulling me in.  My list of books to read has now got all jumbled up but I have at last found something that amuses me to read, a bit ‘been there done that’ type of thing.


I am finding it very amusing and enjoyable to read, I do think it could do with a new cover though Morgen! lol

I think that is me all caught up now so I can get back to writing, oh look it’s lunch time I best go eat, will do the writing later.  Have a super week everyone, what are your numbers like for your writing this month?


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