This was a free book on offer from Amazon, it sounded a bit different so I got it.  Very pleased I did as really liked the story line about the two police detectives where one is autistic and the other is like a father figure trying to look after him by way of explaining to others his little habits which go a long way in solving crimes.  I feel it gives you an insight into how some people cope or I should say adapt and the response of others, I think we should all have a bit more understanding for some people.

While trying to solve the murder of sir James who was found with no limbs they step upon a new cancer treatment that is conducted underground.  Kidnapping and murder lead to beatings and even the arrival of the SAS it really keeps you turning the pages.

A lot going on but I found the way that Roper ( autistic man) uncovered the clues and his thought process amazing to read about so that made this a detective novel with a difference.

Yes there are some mistakes in the writing so needs proofreading maybe before re-publishing again but that did not take away the brilliance of the story for me.  Looking forward to reading the next book in this series and really hope Michael Leese keeps on writing.

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