A young boy in America and a girl in Scotland, what is the connection? This has you turning the pages quicker than normal. Why is Rebecca’s brother telling her things and having private school paid for him when she is with her grandparents hidden away in Scotland. Killing, comes easy to some but how far will he go and will Rebecca survive. I really enjoyed reading this it certainly is a good thriller.

A troubled boy in America who loves his Dad, doing well in school and then it all changes and his Dad has gone to prison. Going to live with his aunt is made even worse as she is only doing it for the money often locking the door so he can’t get in. He wants revenge so when he gets the chance there is no more nasty aunt. How far will he go to protect the one he loved?

Subtle and intriguing makes this thriller one not to miss, I really enjoyed it and was not sure what to expect at some points. A worthy 5 stars and get it on your to read list.

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