MARCH 2018

World Book Day

Many children who had their book character outfits already for today were left disappointed that they could not be worn. Most schools have been closed due to the snow that has covered the UK this is because of health and safety and also that so many teachers could not get into work. The situation is going to get worse before it gets better, it is bitterly cold here with more snow predicted in most areas.

Considering it is the first day of spring it has been the coldest day ever for March. Even some of the sea has frozen in some places with many lakes all frozen. I declare that bed is the best place to be and the warmest.


My stats on all my sites have gone up so I am pleased about that and a big hello to all my new followers. I am aiming for many thousands more over the next few months so please keep sharing my sites over all social media.

Stay safe and warm everyone.


6 thoughts on “MARCH 2018

  1. Maybe the kiddies can dress up when they go back, the snow has to go home some time, it can’t stay on holiday forever. I’ll be thinking of you all snuggled down. Make sure you’ve got plenty of chocolate.
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

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