I am so pleased we decided to go and see this as it was really good, crying and laughing, yes I even had a few tears at one point, will not tell you why as it will spoil it for you.

I loved the characters and when Joanna Lumley popped up then so did Kara with “I met her Nan” yes Kara I remember. I am sure some people will relate to this and hopefully it will give you the courage to FIND YOUR FEET.




We both really like it here and it never disappoints us, we do stick to the same starter as both of us enjoy that with a glass of rosé wine. Sour dough bread and humus, probably the best humus I have had any where.

Then the pizza which we do try different ones, this was caramelised apple, onion, pork and it even had some crackling on it! Very nice and one pizza is just right for two of you, I have no idea how some people eat a whole one.

A lovely time had by both of us and I caught up with all her news, she does make me laugh sometimes.

We have the next film sorted when I can remember what it was lol.

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