I was given this to read by Netgalley for a review and very pleased I asked for this one as it was good. Two story lines that flowed really well, good characters with determination to succeed but at what cost? I liked the way the author really explained the people but with out a plain description so you really got to know them. At one point I wanted to strangle the husband but then it all changed again. From the way it starts it takes you on a journey with many twists and turns and I really do not think you would have any idea at the beginning about what was going to happen.

As the mystery developes you see two best friends dealing with so much trauma in their lives that you are never sure if they can come back from this. Once you start reading you will carry on until the end as it really grips you to find out what is going on.

Child grooming comes into it with the story line showing how quickly and easily they get into a child’s head which may even be good for teenagers to read this. I am sure the research was from a survivor as it was so plain and down to earth as I am sure that is what happens.

This is Zoe Lea’s first book so I think she has started very well, I hope she writes another one but I cannot see anything yet about one. It must be very encouraging to get good reviews the first time you publish so lets hope she goes on to bigger and better things. A great read for the summer to keep you laying on the beach, with sun cream of course.


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