A while ago I did a post about this company as I was so impressed with everything they were doing to help the environment, I know some people cannot do much but just one thing each will make a huge difference. I think most of us do the recycling as that is easy with all the different dustbins we have, if you do not have these then get on to your local council.

I am particularly concerned about the amount of plastic we chuck out and I know it comes down to the companies changing the way they package items. We bought so many things loose years ago why can’t we just go back to that and if we bought from greengrocer, butchers and the milkman think of the high streets we would save and the more jobs we would create.


I bought these cotton buds, they look the same as plastic ones, and you get 5% off your first order. If you actually think about how many of these are floating about in our oceans then please buy these and help the sea life to live.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 12.30.00

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 12.39.23

Thank you for your help x



A while ago I did a review of PURE PET FOODS after they sent me a sample for my cat Peaches to try. This pet food is really good for fussy eaters as consists of natural food.

My good news is that I am now affiliated to them so when you buy some you get £15 off, wow, what a good deal for you! I also get a percentage every time you buy through my link on here now or my blog or website, the advertisement will be down the side of those pages.


Different varieties so your pet can have a nice choice. It all looks so much nicer than some you can buy. Also the best bit is you get £15 off your order!


Make your pet happy, they have a special one for picky and sensitive dogs, keep your baby contended and very healthy.





Tuesday 1st May, what a change in the weather, we had rain for over 12 hours yesterday with flooding, trees down, lost electricity, people being swept off piers by huge waves and even beach huts ending up in the sea! Today the sun is shining, a blue sky temperature up a few degrees and they predict a hot bank holiday weekend, hope I have not spoken too soon! img_1238


I have two birthdays at the weekend, Alfie will be 10 and Izzy 15 It only seems like yesterday that Alfie was born, I need to make the most of him coming to stay as they get to about 14 then hobbies, school and friends take precedent over spending a weekend with your Nan.


I may take Peaches (the cat) out in the camper one day as I have got her such a cool playpen type thing for her to go outside.

I cannot wait to see what she thinks about that, it folds up really small and for £14.99 I was very pleased, well done Amazon.

We have two bank holiday Mondays this month so that’s great for some workers as they get a long weekend. Also its half term towards the end and that will mean a week away in the camper with family and friends. Really looking forward to that, I do enjoy it when you get everything set up and stay a few days so you can really relax and enjoy everything. I have got a solar charger for my phone so will be trying that out and I want to see how long the leisure battery lasts when using things normally, I may invest in solar panels on roof if needed and when I have saved for them.


I have two book reviews coming out this week then May and June are busy with books so ‘do not disturb as reading’ will be applied a lot. At the moment I am reading The wisdom of Sally red shoes by Ruth Hogan, who wrote the best seller The keeper of lost things, last year. This was a review copy from Netgalley, I am about half way through but will tell you more in the review on publishing day the 3rd May. I am actually having to turn books down at the moment, just so many good ones plus the other promotions and reviews that need doing.


The Sarah & Duck show at The Leas Cliff Hall finished yesterday with the winner watching the show, blog post to come about that. Click on the link above to see the shows that are coming up, some exciting times for Folkestone.

The Old English Company are running a competition now that you can see here also the details are on my blog and website. So many goods on their website again a blog post will be coming about what I buy.fullsizeoutput_164b


Version 2

My flowers from Prestige Flowers are looking great and filling the flat with gorgeous perfumes. It would be great if you could have a constant display of fresh flowers all the time, even in the summer when I get some from the garden I am toyed with do I leave them so the garden looks pretty or bring them indoors. I try to do both and plant more cut flower types every year.IMG_1462


So many changes coming up for sites to adhere to, I have just up-dated mine so the SSL encryption is enabled, this means that the ‘s’ has been added to the address as in so my site is secure. Soon Google will put up a message saying the site is not secure when you click on it if you have not got this.

Also the new data laws are changing, you are probably experiencing lots of emails where sites are up-dating their policies. I will be doing this as well in the coming weeks.


As I am running competitions now there will be a newsletter in the coming weeks and I plan to do Author Question Time ( If any authors want to be involved then let me know here.) and giveaways, wow I hear you say. Now I really don’t want you to miss any of this so the best way is to follow me, it’s really easy just click here and fill in your email address in the box.fullsizeoutput_1667

You will then get ALL the news and gossip without missing anything. We all know Facebook is changing so you will NOT see all my posts if you follow on there or any other social media platforms. It would be great to get to know all you followers as that is what keeps me going. You can also follow me at my website here and fill in your email address at the bottom of every page as it is all the same, there are also some different pages all about My World.


Before you ask about the Food Reviews, yes I am still doing those as they are so popular with you and I have a few new places that I will be visiting in Folkestone in the next weeks and letting you know all about them.

So what do you think?

You can comment on any post, in my guest book on website or social media or email me at

Enjoy May everyone





Peaches had her first trip out in the camper today and I do believe she loved it. We drove to Deal and then parked up by the beach which was just over the road.

She soon found a couple of places to lay down and then she had a sleep. I went for a walk over to the beach and she was still asleep when I came back, I was not gone long as didn’t know how she would be.

It was a glorious sunny day today and hopefully we will have at least a week of good weather. Lots of fishermen on the beach today and even a couple of kids in the water, I bet it was cold though. The only problem with taking the cat you can’t have the door open which is a shame when sunny, the windows are ok as they all have screens. I did feel a bit strange just wild camping and think I would prefer to be on a site as there are not many places you can just wild camp and have room to put out your table and chairs.


Was nice to make a cup of tea and just chill, I should have taken my laptop then could have done some writing. At least I know the cat is ok in the camper if I want to take her anywhere again.


Was a nice day out and better than sitting indoors. What do you do if you take your cat with you on your travels?



Zac turned 4 on Saturday so they picked me up and we went to Missy Moo’s for dessert, lovely place and a good choice apart from the cookie dough that I had, it was so small….ok if you was on a diet.

Alfie came to stay with me for the weekend, we had a great chilled time, he beat me at Elf snap.  His Elf’s had to come with him and they got up to mischief every night.  They found my christmas stickers and stuck them all over themselves then the next night they had a feast on the chocolate spread! Cosmo and Crystal.

Mia had her guinea pig out when we went back for cake, the new pup is settling in and very good now.


Alfie just loved this quilt cover so it will be delivered this week.  Yes I know I spoil them, Mia has a leopard hat/scarf coming as well.  I found a brilliant light for Zac as he is tractor mad and the light shines as a tractor, very pleased with myself for finding that.


It does not seem possible that next weekend will be christmas, the children are having parties at school before they break up on Wednesday.  I have Jodie’s birthday tomorrow then it’s christmas full steam ahead.

Stay warm and have a good week everyone.




The lovely people at PURE sent my mum some cat food for me to try, then I had to let you all know what I thought of it.

It came in a nice secure box that I could not get in so mum had to get it out for me and then told me that I had to wait until the morning to try it, I did some begging but she was not going to give in. I usually have my food in the mornings then just have some biscuits later if I am hungry but it is very cold now so I am eating lots.

Mum says that this is very healthy for me as it is all made from fresh food, I hope I like it but I do eat just about anything I’m not fussy like some cats so I am sure it will be delicious.


Do you like my pictures?  They should put a picture of me on their boxes of food.


Mum read the box and said I was a medium size cat, does my bum look that big?  I was thinking small cat.  You get a nice sturdy scoop so she put 2 scoops into my bowl, I was watching her to make sure I got all of it, hope she doesn’t taste it.  There is a red thing, I am not going to eat that!  Then she says that it is for closing the bag so it all stays nice and fresh for me.  I have a bit of a sniff but it does not really smell tasty but then mum gets the scoop again and puts in 2 scoops of warm water, I start miawing then as it smells gorgeous, just put it down and give it to me I say.  Then she starts stirring it, oh come on now, I am hungry let me at that food.

Just hang on now, can’t talk and eat.

I don’t want to leave any of this as I am liking it very much, I am getting full up and it is taking me ages to eat all this but I have got to keep on, I love it.  Will have to tell all my friends about this later when I go out and patrol my patch, I don’t think I will be running about much as feel a bit full.


I am looking forward to eating this again, it is super and it tastes just like chicken, I know that as I have pinched a bit once but gees did I get into trouble about that!

The other night I was having a sneaky look round all the sides in the kitchen, mum was asleep so this is a good time to do this and I can sit and look out the window just to keep a check in case that big black cat comes in my garden again, he is not very nice and a bully, he scratched my nose a while ago and it really hurt so I went indoors and sat on mums lap for a cuddle.

Miowe, miowe she only went and left the food on the side, think I will have a bit more. This plastic stuff is a bit tough I got rid of the box quick but this is taking ages, wow, fell off side now its all on the floor, she is not going to be happy in the morning, I will have to hide.  I am nearly in, best give it a shake, some on the floor now it does not taste the same, why?

I really thought I was going to get into trouble but she didn’t tell me off, just took pictures, shall I pose again for you mum?

I wonder if I will get any more of this yummy food, mum did say it took me three times as long to eat it as what I normally do, I don’t know why but I do know that I want more!



My daughter has got a new puppy called Ozzy so while they all went of to The reindeer Centre to see father christmas I was left to look after the puppy.  It made me remember what a handful they are and either eating, sleeping or

I did get some writing and reading done though so that was good.  I plan to have the week indoors writing as need to get my word count up for NaNoWriMo so I will be unavailable for anything and everything!

Hope your Sunday has been everything you wanted it to be and you have a great week. x