I have been meaning to get some lip scrub for ages as my granddaughter Izzy had some so I tried it and it makes your lips feel really smooth in the morning. I was looking at a strawberry one from Lush but then I read that Superdrug had an offer of buy three for the price of two on all Barry M make-up. This prompted a visit to the shops straight away.


This nail varnish I had seen in a magazine and really liked the colour and as it was scented I thought it would take away that really strong nail varnish smell that I really do not like as it gets caught in your throat. This is the answer as it smells lovely, the brush is brilliant as it spreads out over your nail, you do need two coats but I often put two on anyway. You can leave it as a matt finish or put a clear gloss over it which makes it lasts a bit longer I find.


I have been looking for this colour so was really pleased as it worked out I got this for free. A very happy shopper and I could not wait to get home and try them all out.


Have you found any bargains since all the sales started in January?



I am really liking this Blushed Nudes set, a very good mixture so it does for during the day and the evening.

The Ted Baker nail varnish goes on so smooth, the brush is just the right size then I have a bit of sparkle for the odd finger or evening wear.


Loving that this is so compact with a choice of colours so again can be used for day or evening wear.

I guess I am going to have to mention the dreaded diet, I really think there is nothing worse than eating very little and it’s always not very tasty.  I am determined to stick to it and think if I do it properly then it should only take six months and then be beach ready for the summer, well that is the dream lol.

I did buy some cheap scales as I have bought two that were all digital and worked out your BMI but I could not get them to work, my daughter tried as well so it wasn’t just me. I have gone back to simple ones that do not tell you lies.



I am using this gadget everyday so it all helps, I can’t do exercise as my heart goes even quicker and I end up feeling like this is the end, very scary.

Still taking my pic of the day, not very interesting over the weekend as was exhausted and spent it in bed, it is nice looking out to the garden, although that needs a bit of attention as I never did get round to putting winter pansies in my pots so it all looks a bit bleak.  I am finding it hard to purchase things like that as I don’t have a car anymore.

I have been putting my pics in the new frame I got for christmas, think I have decided the choice now.


Coffee time now with my friend Angela, best get that kettle on, I still haven’t worked out how the new machine works!

Have a great week everyone.



It was time for some new cream so this time I decided on the Anew products from Avon, I love the way they go on, spreading so far with only a tiny amount.  Your skin feels so smooth so I am really liking this the best so far.  Price is middle of the range or even cheaper if they are on special that month. Lets hope they work and some of the wrinkles disappear.  Serum is definitely better than cream but this one is a bit of both and I think that is what makes it so smooth, not greasy and soaks in extremely quickly.  Available from your Avon rep or on-line at the Avon website.



I have been using this eye serum for a year and I think it has reduced some of the lines so I would recommend this to everyone.  It goes a long way as you only need a very small amount and soaks in well to your skin and works its magic while you are asleep.  It is expensive but when you work it out over the year then it is very good value for money, so get it on your Christmas list and this time next year you will be looking even better.




There is nothing better than treating yourself to a decent lipstick especially one by YvesSaintLaurent and that is what I did last week.  It feels so good the way it slides on and you know by the feel of it that it really is moisturising your lips as well as looking good.

I love the casing so it is a luxury item in my handbag.  Talking of handbags I am on the look out for a new winter bag, really do not want to go for black again so I am thinking grey with maybe a toning colour.  The shops are full of the winter bits now so sad that summer is over but they are predicting a burst of heat later in the week so I will be making the most of that as I am sure that will be the last of the sunbathing weather we will see here in Kent.


The colour looks a bit darker in this picture and I took it in natural sunlight so not sure what is going on there.  It does go really well with this nail varnish which is one of my favourite colours from Avon.  I really like their nail varnish as not too expensive and the range of styles and colours are really good.

Peaches will miss relaxing in the sunshine and she really does become very moody in the winter, I guess she takes after me lol.

Have a great week and may your dreams come true.




As you know I really love the colour pink so in the summer I tend to paint my nails lots of different shades.  I love the glittery type as they are a bit thicker so tend to stay on longer and not chip.  I often buy Avon nail varnish as you can look at the book at home and match up your colours with items of clothing.

I also like the sun cream and tan enhancer as it gives you a nice golden tan, we do need the sun to complete this but I was lucky and went to Spain last month.

You can buy on-line from also most areas in the UK have an Avon representative living there so will deliver your products for free and will give you free samples of things you would like to try.  I am off to do a bit of home shopping now, where is my book?