Last week I attended my second session with Mark and what an experience that was! We decided to aim for pain relief as with the osteoarthritis and ME I have to take pain killers everyday. The pain in my joints is very bad with no relief any day then some days being worse than others particularly if I have done something the day before. I tend to plan my life a bit to the extent that I have a few quiet, slow days then say I meet my friends for lunch then have a quiet week afterwards. Which often means I stay in bed for a few days.

So to be without pain would be amazing but I knew he couldn’t cure the conditions so how to get rid of pain? Mark wanted to tell my sub-conscious to let go of the pain and to leave my body, but I would get pain then from new places as the conditions I have are ongoing.

To start we were both standing, I had my eyes closed then he talked to my sub conscience. He asked it to let him know if it could hear him and if it could then tell Karen to move slightly. Well I am standing there thinking how is that going to happen as I was just standing there like normal. Next thing I know my body is moving forwards, actually moving, scary or what! That is why Mark stands up with you so he can catch you if you move too far forward and topple over.  My eyes flew open I had no explanation as to why my body had done that, he just wanted to carry on. I stood there listening to him talking away and my body moving forwards when ever he wanted to know if my sub conscience had understood. My body felt like it was relaxed, I felt my shoulders drop, I am pretty sure I was not relaxed. I felt like I had no control over my body and that is a pretty scary thing to happen.

We sat down and talked about what had happened, I tried to assess what my pain was like and I could honestly say that it was degrees better from when I entered his room. I was happy with that as even a bit less pain is better than nothing. Mark wanted to try something else so he again started talking to my sub conscience asking it to let all the pain go and for my sub conscience to answer and tell him that it had let the pain go. No words came out of my mouth but what did happen was my jaws started shaking, I had no control over that, it was like maybe something did want to come out but it couldn’t. My jaws did that a couple of times in reply to Marks questions.

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So, how have I been this week? My pain is definitely not as bad as what it was and I also fell over in the garden so that didn’t help.  I would have been in agony normally but no, still painful but nowhere near what it has been like in the past. Yes, this hypnotherapy really does work and it can be for a variety of conditions. I think my feeling is don’t knock it till you try it, as even a bit of release from pain is better than none at all.

It has been ten days since my experience with hypnotherapy, my pain is still a lot less than it has been so I am happy. It has enabled me to get ahead in my blog post writing as my fingers are not as sore and I have also been trying to implement some more things into my blog.

You can see the Tranceformation website here.

Phone:  01303 778574




Someone asked me if I was going away in my camper van this summer and it got me thinking about a summer bucket list. What do you want to do? Have you made any plans yet? My biggest wish is for hot weather, it would be so good if we actually knew it was going to be warm and nice as then you would have so many plans. Also it would be so good to be able to leave all your chairs and cushions etc out in the garden all summer, I get so fed up bringing it all in as soon as the weather changes.

I think my list goes like this:

Camping with the family.

Going to the open air swimming pool in Faversham with the children.

Getting a tan.

Enjoying a glass of wine in Jodie’s hot tub.

Going to the beach.

Spending an afternoon in the sunshine with friends and drinking a cocktail.

Eating in the garden.

Seeing more of the UK in the camper van.

Sitting outside in the evening just chilling.

Taking lots of photo’s in manual mode on camera. (I need the practise)

Going up the stables with a picnic, watching them all ride.

I am sure I will think of lots more as soon as I have finished this.

I saw these cute note books in The Works, you can never have too many!


This is the book I am reading now and so far it is ok, a FBI agent has crashed her car and lost her memory so I guess anything could happen next. I have a few ideas but I am probably wrong, I think I have seen a film along the same lines but as usual I cannot remember the name of it.


This is a new author for me and one I have not heard off, I like giving reviews for different authors.

I have been asked if I would like to do another hypnotherapy session with Mark down at Core Therapies in exchange for a review, so that will be happening after Easter.


Tomorrow is the meeting for the Folkestone writers which I attend, this year I will be doing a lot of their advertising on social media and getting the word out about the writing competition this year and the anthology. We still have some books left from last year if anybody would like one please let me know.

Hope you are all having a good week and dodging the showers.



With all this freezing weather we are having I find the first thing that I need to pay more attention to is my face. Kara bought me this Olay moisturiser for christmas and I really like it. It soaks in really quick without that greasy feel, it nice and creamy and the best bit is that you do not need very much so it’s going to last me ages.

My daughter told me at christmas that I should not be using wipes on my skin to remove make-up, I must admit there were many nights that I didn’t even remove my make up, I know I’m really bad. Jodie told me to get this so I bought a small one and the round cotton pads and I have been using this since January. One of my new year resolutions was to remove my make up at night, I have actually done this the catch is I don’t wear make up very often lol but I at least have stuck to it. I love using this cleansing water and it really is better than a wipe and gets it all off really quick so you don’t use as much, I was going through loads of wipes. It leaves your skin feeling really clean and tingley, I love it, well done Jodie.


This is nearly all gone, I still have my wrinkles and I think to be honest nothing is going to get rid of them but maybe we can make them less noticeable. It is a really nice cream though and dries quick, as you are noticing I really do not like creams or lotions that just stay on the surface of your skin and take ages to dry in.

This I got in a beauty box, I do think it makes your skin feel smooth to the touch, making it look smooth when you have your foundation on. This does work to fill your skin but not sure about the ten years younger, no one has said anything to me and to be honest it doesn’t but yes to the smooth skin.


This is on my list to buy when I get to boots, it has been advertised a lot but that does not mean it’s good so I want to try it myself and I will let you all know in a future blog.

So that’s my winter skin routine and I must say I am feeling good and my skin feels nice so I will keep using. I guess the fact that I am not wearing make up very often does help also I was eating healthier. That was until the snow came and I indulged in biscuits, chocolate and cakes, I am trying to get back into the diet mindset but it’s really hard once you have lost it.

What do you use on your skin in the winter, does it change in the summer?



I loved so much of February so it’s a bit hard picking the best bits as I had lovely flowers for Valentine’s Day from Prestige flowers, they lasted ages as well, the chocolates didn’t though! You get 10% off for Mothers Day using this link.

Then I had the delicious wine from Terlingham vineyard, Folkestone, I really cannot wait to go for the tour and tasting when the weather is a bit warmer.

Barry M started selling the best nail varnish and it’s a lovely pink and it smells great, I really dislike the strong smell of nail varnish so it’s a win win for me and the price was good as I got three for the price of two, the lip scrub makes your lips feel good in the morning.

Then I had another first experience with hypnotherapy to try to stop eating sweet foods, I am not sure what I expected but can say I was amazed to find that I did not fancy anything sweet afterwards.

So with a brilliant pancake day, Freddie’s birthday bash and of course the ladies that lunch, February was great and I got time to read some super books.

Let’s hope March will be as good especially as the snow has now all gone from Folkestone.

Have a great week.



I am really liking this colour and it is so nice not having the horrid nail varnish smell. The brush spreads out to cover all your nail so smoothly, this is just one coat so you could just go with that as I did.

I am definitely enjoying the Barry M beauty products at the moment.


This is another favourite of mine as it is so shiny and smooth, I just love the feel of it on your nails.


My new hair colour that I will be sticking with for a while, its good to give your hair a break from all the bleach and colours for a while. This is just a rich brown almost like my natural colour, well apart from the grey bits!

It is nice to feel happy with your appearance as it seems to make almost everything else feel good in your life as well. I think losing a bit of weight does wonders for your self-esteem so I am trying to be really good  and stick to the diet. I do find it hard as cannot exercise and I am sure all the tablets I take have a lot to do with my weight gain.

What are you lovely people up to this weekend? Its sunny but very cold here in Kent and they are forecasting snow for next week so I will be cocooned in my flat all toasty for the next week.


To be perfectly honest I really don’t like February, apart from the cold it is full of all the love, romance and happy stuff that single people like myself do not have in our lives. As much as I enjoy and embrace being single, to be able to do, go, eat, sleep and talk to myself when ever I want, there will always be that tiny bit that thinks why can’t someone love me enough to send me flowers or buy me a card and gifts. That feeling does not last long but it appears extremely often during February and why is there not a happy and single day?

I have therefore decided to give you a few ideas of what to buy that lady in your life and I am sure she would love any one of these presents, that is because they are all things that I would love to be given.

Here we have the lotions and potions for our faces, obviously the Estee Lauder I will be dreaming about for ever as it is a bit pricy but if you have the money to spoil the love of your life then go for this one.

We all love to have a soak in the bath and I think Bayliss and Harding and Jo Malone are the best and she also has the candle and diffuser to all match the bath scent. Just bring me a glass of champagne while I soak my gorgeous body.

A bit random here but I am loving the camera strap no more leather strap digging in your neck, why did I not think of this?

I love my cat so I thought the bag was cute as I do read a lot and write lots of reviews.

The trainer with sparkly bits on, they don’t do these in a 5 or I would have been very tempted.  What sort of trainers/sneakers does a 57-year-old woman wear when camping, cannot seem to find anything that I really like.


Last but not least if you have no money then make her a card with your own poem inside about what she means to you. Find some wool and knit her this heart to always keep her hands warm round her favourite coffee mug.

So there we have some lovely ideas, if of course you would like to get me something then that’s great, let me know which restaurant to meet you at. lol

I must go and get on with some other writerly things…..after a quick look on Pinterest.






I still find it amazing that you can continually go past somewhere many times in your town and not realise something is there, how could I miss a big purple building?  Was I already in a trance or just walking about with my eyes shut!


So many different therapies, massage’s and treatments, I could do with a bit of Facial Rejuvenation although maybe I need to go to Specsavers so I at least see the big purple building!

I knew absolutely nothing about hypnotherapy until last week when I had the pleasure of meeting Mark. He had enquired if I could do a blog post and some social media awareness of what he offers, Mark very kindly offered a hypnosis session for myself as then I would be able to write about it first hand and share my experience with you all.


I then looked to see what sort of things it covers, I was shocked at the list, so many. I had to decide which one I needed help with as I could come under every group lol. I decided by thinking which thing would make me happier so I decided on ‘stop eating sweet things’ I thought it best to leave my mental health alone as I have levelled out and living ok with it so long as I keep taking the tablets. My arthritis and ME again are under control from pacing my life, taking the tablets and not pushing myself. I also wanted to be able to see the result instantly for the purpose of this blog.

If you have done any Mindfulness the relaxation method and imagining scenes is very similar to this hypnosis. I did not really feel like I was in a trance state, which all took about an hour but it was very relaxing and calming. I really liked the way Mark explained everything and answered all my questions. It really is amazing all that can be achieved.



I left feeling very calm and made my way home, after my dinner that evening I did not fancy a dessert actually all weekend I did not eat anything sweet which is very unusual for me also I spent most of it suffering with a bad sore throat but even ice cream did not tempt me. I am keeping a diary to see how this goes but I think the lovely Mark has done the business and I will be a thin size 12 again soon, ok I may be dreaming a bit but its all good.


You can contact Mark here for all your enquiries.