The years go by so quickly, before you can blink they have all grown up but will always be in your heart.  It is lovely looking back at the photos that we have so many of now with the smart phones.

Friday Alfie turned 9 it seems like only yesterday I was flying back from Spain for his birth, then today Izzy is 14, definitely makes you feel old.



A busy weekend with a lovely brunch yesterday prepared by Jodie, so nice for us all to get together.  Then last night there was more partying in the hot tub, I returned home for an evening with a book, lol.


Cosmo the Elf returned for Alfie’s birthday and my friend Jackie, one of the lovely ladies who lunch made him a new jumper.


I read about a book called The Durrell’s of Corfu then realised it was a TV program so my Sunday evening is being spent watching the first series on catch-up, I must say it is very good and I think I will read the books as well one day.

I am now on the look out for lots of pretty tea-cups as I saw this on Pinterest and I think it will look great in my garden above a false fire-place.


Have a great evening and week everyone, still hoping for sunshine here but I guess you can’t have everything.



The grandchildren have had a busy couple of weeks, I love to hear about what they are doing.  Jade celebrated her 15th birthday with one of her presents being another trip to London to see her favourite singer Ollie Murrs with her Mum.

She also spent a day with her pony riding along the beach and a family meal in the local pub which I did manage to go to.


One of my friends Carol spent a month in Australia visiting her daughter and husband who live on 10 acres of grape vines.  I asked her before she went if she could get me a fridge magnet as I collect them from places I go and bless her she remembered and got me a pink one, I was so pleased with it as forgot when I lived there.


My eldest daughter got her new hot tub up and running not being able to wait for husband Darren to build pagola so up went the gazebo and it did the job and looked excellent.

Children had far too many eggs but enjoyed the hunts and eating of them.  All back to school tomorrow and that’s another holiday over, next one is the end of  May.






CASTLE HILL primary school got into dressing up for world book day, teachers included.

Lots of good looking book people for WORLD BOOK DAY 2017  Also Mia’s 5th birthday so lots of clebrations.


I have to say that this was one of the best lunches we have had as not only was the company outstanding as always but the service and food was so wonderful and to prove how great it all was we have booked up here for March and April.

Considering it was my first time out it was so good to see all my friends as I have missed them loads.  Lynda was back from gallivanting in Spain then Madera with her daughter, Sharon was missing as she was in London with the hubby.  Carol is off to Australia for March to see her daughter so she will be missed next time but then in April we should have the full 9 of us.  April’s could get messy as it will be Corinne’s birthday lunch and then she is staying at mine, I can see cocktails and all sorts going on.  I can’t wait!


Very nice wine for £7 on a Wednesday but we just had three bottles this time.

As usual the food was delicious with no complaints from any of us, well that is not including Jackie and her dessert, you can guarantee she will get the dodgy one where ever she goes lol.

There were a few conversations about Corinnes MEAT (sausages) but I am afraid I cannot print them but it did cause rather a lot of laughing.

This month we celebrated Jackies birthday and she got some lovely presents, some I really wanted for myself.  Jackie had the baked Alaska but the meringue was rather runny so she said!  I love the desserts at Hungry Horse and even better was the fact that I had a voucher for free desserts so we all had to have one, I know there are only four pictures but we were too busy getting stuck in lol.

Sheila gave us a few laughs as she finished the bottle of wine, then when the bill was paid we all had a smile on our face as it worked out to £8 each what an absolute bargain.  Looking forward to next month and more laughs.


To say I am pleased is not really enough as these figures blew me away, apart from how many followers I have on Facebook, don’t really understand that unless they just want to be friends but then I guess they are following me anyway.

So 5 years of blogging, I never thought it would last this long but I am truly pleased and thank you all for being a part of this from what ever platform you follow from, I love you all.


Where does the time go, it only seems like yesterday he was a baby in your arms.  They grow up so quickly when they have older brothers and sisters that it is just scary.  They all came to Nanny’s for a little tea party after school, good fun had by all.  I then got my pj’s on and chilled in front of the tv.  When you think back to all what you used to do when younger it makes you a bit sad, realising you are old.


It was then Jodie’s birthday, I won’t mention her age but I wish I was still that young!  My bestie Corinne and myself took our two daughters out for the evening and what an evening that was with so much laughing and shenanigans.  A great time was had by all with a few sore heads the next day, not sure why there are no photos of myself and Corinne.  Billie drove and looked after us all so a huge thank you to her as it can’t have been easy! lol.  My two girls mean the world to me and this is making christmas so very special this year for our families as everyone is coming together in the true spirit of christmas.




No matter how organised you are it just never seems to be enough but a glass of the above and some peace for a while and hopefully it will all become clear, well that’s the plan.  I made the mistake of not writing a list of the things I have wrapped so now some may have two of the same sort of things but hey it’s Christmas, there not going to moan about presents, hopefully.

School nativity went well and this year I have attended two, I worked out that I have been going to Nativity plays for 15 years at the same school.  No photos are allowed anymore but here is one of Zac, it was his first and he was just a sleeping baby, he will be 3 on Friday.


I am collecting children from school on Friday and having a little tea party for them and the birthday boy Zac which will be nice to see him playing with his new stuff with his cousins.

Monday I took Kara shopping for birthday presents, bad mistake as I spent twice as much but she was happy and that’s what it is all about, happy children.

Two breaks for coffee and of course we had to go into Kasper’s for some cookie dough, I love that place.

Looking forward to the weekend as out with my two daughters and my bestie and her two daughters, watch out Folkestone lol.

Bargain little pink sparkly miniature rose from Poundland that will then go in the garden in spring.  Finished the wreath for the door, pleased with the result but might need some more lights.

Got house window stickers on front and this on bedroom window, fits in well with my french theme.  Will finish with this stunning River Island handbag that is on my Christmas list.  Have a wonderful weekend peeps.