💕 MY BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017! 💕 📚


I can hear you all wondering why I am announcing my book of the year in October?

Sometimes you read a book and every word and line excites you and sits with you like a security blanket, you stay up half the night as you just cannot stop reading it.  You have no idea what will happen next as it is so very unpredictable so this keeps you turning those pages as quickly as you can, you cannot wait for the next terrifying thing to happen. This even made me a bit jumpy as the weather was awful at the time of reading this so there were noises outside that were alien to my ears, this may have even contributed to the power of this story.  I know in my heart that this is probably one of the best books I have ever read or likely to read in the future.  So this is why I am making this my best book of the year 2017.

I also feel that many will relate to some of the events that happen in this story, I know I can and with the ME TO status going round Facebook at the moment it makes you realise the magnitude of the domestic violence problem

The story starts with Freya the P.A for James, she has worked hard to get to this position and is well liked.  Living with her best friend, visiting her parents and spending time with her boy friend all make her life complete.  Until she meets Kane!

Dazzled by his charm and charisma she has soon ditched her boy friend preferring to spend time with Kane, his cars, money, flat and extravagant life style all appear to put blinkers on her eyes to everything else.

He controls her, if she disobeys you begin to see the nasty traits that this man has, blaming his up-bringing on everything he can always talk her round with his devious, underhand ways.

Eventually she leaves, thinking this will all be over but how wrong she was, this is only the beginning of a terrifying ordeal that will leave her with scars that last forever they may fade but they will always be there in the back of her mind. Her family gets pulled in, her friend end’s up leaving the flat and Freya is back at her parents but at least feels safe there.

Years later it all starts again and if you thought the first part was bad then this gets even worse, not knowing what he will do next Freya’s life is once again on hold just waiting for the next thing to happen but this time she has to protect her daughter.

This is an excellent five-star read that you can buy now here at Amazon.

Patricia Dixon writes this in the first person so it reads a bit like a diary and I think that is what makes it so compelling.

I am looking forward to reading the next book from a very talented author.  Thank you for a brilliant story.




I am reading these two books at the moment also doing well in my Goodreads reading challenge for the year as I am on 44 books read so all good and I am pretty sure I will get to 60 and probably go over that amount.






When Anne asked me to read this and review I was very pleased as the previous books in this series have been very good.  Some characters appear again but it is a stand alone and they could be read in any order, which is a good idea as I always get books muddled up or read one and then discover there were two previous books.  Anyway I digress, if you have never been to Guernsey then you really can imagine what it is like as these books paint a picture in your mind of the wonderful beaches.  I was really interested in the connection between the twins, really close in life and then when one dies the connection is still there trying to help her find his murderer.  This story goes into the history of the place and the people so you get a good understanding of the story and how it all develops.  Moving the location twice still keeps the story knitted together so you hardly notice.  Great characters and of course a love connection with a happy ending, another great book by Anne Allen published today available from Amazon.




Today I downloaded the Apple up-grade to iOS 11 on my iPhone and iPad, not very much difference on the phone at the moment but I am liking the iPad changes.  It always takes a while to find and use the changes so I tend to read all the reviews. I usually find with the changes that eventually I probably only end up using a couple of them or after I have finished playing with them and thinking how good they are I then forget about them and just carry on using the basic ones like I always have done.  At least I think to myself that I am keeping up with the youngsters and I sometimes know what the grandchildren are talking about lol.


The control centre that swipes up from the bottom, which I use for the torch mainly but now you can put in there what you use most.  I am looking forward to using the voice memo control as then every time I get an idea I can record it, very good for authors when doing research.  I think I should use Siri more as you can tell her to write things or find things, making life a bit easier especially the calendar so she tells you what you are doing today. You can change her voice, also she will learn what things you like such as music or what news you read and become more personalised to you. Another good one is the magnifier, so useful when reading the small writing on packages.


I think this is one of the best apps and it should be compulsory to use it when driving.

The App store has changed and appears easier to find what you are looking for, although with so many apps available now the choice is huge.  Again I tend to stick with the ones I use, I do have a look sometimes and put them on my phone just to try them out.

Text messages, which we all use so much is also better as you can attach anything from the bottom of the screen, I like that. Also if you are holding your phone in one hand you can move the keys over towards you so you can reach them all, very handy if drinking your morning coffee.

What do you like most about the changes?




Here in Britain last night we watched the last episode of LIAR a six-week drama made for television. Laura was raped by Andrew who is a surgeon, he used a drug in her drink so she could not fight him off, also it makes it hard to remember what happened.  The police can find no evidence at all so he is let go but then he does it to the detective, they really search everything and everywhere then but still he gets away with it. Very good acting, I think he actually believes all the lies he tells himself.

This has been extremely popular with many taking to social media today to discuss the last episode so thought I would add my thoughts.

In the beginning you are not sure who is telling the truth but it all, well some of it becomes clear half way through the series.

A lot happened last night, I was surprised that his new girl friend was an undercover cop but disappointed that she got found out so quickly by very sloppy work on her part.

Then when Laura found where he was hiding everything it was really let down by the carer letting her into the shed when in a previous episode he had unlocked a padlock with a key he had.  I was expecting the carer to maybe lock her in the shed after she had spoken to him on the phone.  Even when she was looking at the tapes in her car I thought he would turn up.

The police have all the evidence and send out patrols to find him, he has disappeared though and no one knows where he is.

Then at the end you see him with his throat cut, not knowing who killed him but I am guessing that it was either the police constable or the detectives army girl friend.

I feel that they rushed the last episode and could have included more in it that would make it all add up at the end. There is going to be another series and I believe it will be about the past, when he was married and how he killed his wife and made it look like suicide.  He did rape 17 women so I guess you could have shows about all of them in some way.

What did you think about last nights show?

Would you have written it differently and if so how?




We are being very spoiled down here in the south as we are having wonderful weather for the last three days, long may it continue.  Today it is 25 in my garden, I have done every bit of washing I could find as I don’t expect many more outdoor drying days.

I had my hair done last week as was getting a bit bored with the blonde.


On Saturday I was round Jodies for a sleepover, Alfie’s choice and we watched some films.  We also had one of the twins for the night, so it was great to spend time with Jack, what a gorgeous baby and such a happy soul.

The Jack Daniels is a penny jar before someone comments on our choice of toys LOL.

I also did a little maintenance on the camper, there was a bit of brown under the bonnet so I brushed it with a metal brush then sprayed some Hammerite on it, felt very pleased with myself.  Put my bunting up and did a tidy-up of cupboards as got saucepans and cutlery to go in there now.

Once I have washed the new duvet cover that will be put in there.


So a very productive and enjoyable weekend and it made a pleasant change as usually I spend the weekend indoors on my own, not that I am complaining as I do like my own company.

The new Emoji movie is good fun and better than what I was expecting so I can understand why the kids like it.


I also finished this book so will do a review tomorrow for you all, it is very good, like all Anne’s stories so look out for this series.  It is set in Guernsey which is a beautiful place to live.


Looking forward to a ‘getting ready for NANOWRIMO week’ so I will be ready for the 1st November.

Hope you all had a good weekend and may your week be full of sunshine.



Who is entering this in November?  I do it but I do-not sign up for it as I’m no good under pressure and like to do things at my own speed also when I feel able to but it really does encourage you so that’s all good. If I blog about how I am doing then that also gives me a bit of a push.

I am going to finish my book about my life during November this year if I can but it is also our Folkestone Book Festival and I would like to go to a couple of workshops to-do with writing.  The festival looks bigger and better every year with many good authors taking part.  I am looking forward to meeting Julie Wassmer again and finding out when her next book is being published and hoping I get the chance to review it ready for publishing day.

Have a good weekend everyone and make the most of the sunshine we are going to get in Kent for the next three days!