It seemed an awful long time since we had all met up for our monthly lunch so everyone was very eager for last Wednesday and what a lot of healthy dinners! What with dry January and the weight watching we should have been quiet, but no we all had a lot to say.

It was Liz’s 60th birthday so we had to have a good celebration with also a party on Saturday so this will be a birthday she remembers.

Jacket potatoes with prawns or beans and cheese was popular as was the gammon and pie. All cooked to perfection and very good value on their lunch club menu.

A few of us had the strawberry frozen yoghurt which was really nice with fresh strawberries in it, but I really do not know how I missed taking a photo of it!  So we have a sundae, crumble and sponge with custard.

I will try to do better next month when we celebrate Jackies birthday and that’s another special one as she will be 70 years young.

It was a great day with lots of laughs and a good catch up about our christmas’ and new year celebrations.




Prestige Flowers contacted me regarding doing a review of their range, in particular the Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. I had to say yes as there is nothing better than being sent flowers, I was going to say for a woman but men like to get them as well, one red rose says so much for lovers.

You certainly do not have to worry about your flowers and gifts getting damaged as the box is large, really tough, and secure. I could smell the fragrance from the roses as soon as the box was open. Packaged and arranged so beautifully I was an instant fan of this company and will be using them for all my flower deliveries from now on.

After lifting the bouquet out from the box I then saw the most adorable teddy which was so soft and really well made so it would also be an ideal present for a new baby. The tag on the teddy whose name is Harry is so cute, he will touch your heart.

I loved the different type of greenery and gold branches in with the twelve red roses. The box was not empty yet though as then I got to the chocolates, what woman would not like this for Valentines Day or actually any day of the year and she will be a little bit more in love with you.


February 14th is Valentine’s Day

March 11th is Mother’s Day 

June 17th is Father’s Day

Plus not forgetting Easter and all those special birthdays for your family. This has solved all your problems as the selection of flowers, gifts and balloons is amazing so there is sure to be the perfect gift at Prestige Flowers here.


Two vases of flowers a teddy and chocolates, that are delicious, I am one very happy girl all I need now is a man to go with all this maybe they should have single delivery men! LOL

Peaches was impressed and loved the red shiny packaging so even the cat was pleased with this wonderful gift. I would like to say a big thank you to Prestige Flowers for absolutely making my week with these roses.


The range that this company offers is very good, I particularly like the hampers, something for every occasion.



I class myself as knowing my way around a computer and have never had any problems or mishaps with on-line shopping, I use Tesco as I have always had brilliant service.

BUT……I guess it had to happen sometime. I requested a piece of Ginger!


I could not believe what I got.

What on earth am I going to do with all this ginger? At least it was only £1.90




I have been meaning to get some lip scrub for ages as my granddaughter Izzy had some so I tried it and it makes your lips feel really smooth in the morning. I was looking at a strawberry one from Lush but then I read that Superdrug had an offer of buy three for the price of two on all Barry M make-up. This prompted a visit to the shops straight away.


This nail varnish I had seen in a magazine and really liked the colour and as it was scented I thought it would take away that really strong nail varnish smell that I really do not like as it gets caught in your throat. This is the answer as it smells lovely, the brush is brilliant as it spreads out over your nail, you do need two coats but I often put two on anyway. You can leave it as a matt finish or put a clear gloss over it which makes it lasts a bit longer I find.


I have been looking for this colour so was really pleased as it worked out I got this for free. A very happy shopper and I could not wait to get home and try them all out.


Have you found any bargains since all the sales started in January?


I did get to about a third of the way through but there were many characters with the story lines going from past to present and I found it really hard to keep up with it all. The writing was good and the concept of the story, it was just too much for me.  Please read it for yourself as you may well really enjoy this story.