This was a free book on offer from Amazon, it sounded a bit different so I got it.  Very pleased I did as really liked the story line about the two police detectives where one is autistic and the other is like a father figure trying to look after him by way of explaining to others his little habits which go a long way in solving crimes.  I feel it gives you an insight into how some people cope or I should say adapt and the response of others, I think we should all have a bit more understanding for some people.

While trying to solve the murder of sir James who was found with no limbs they step upon a new cancer treatment that is conducted underground.  Kidnapping and murder lead to beatings and even the arrival of the SAS it really keeps you turning the pages.

A lot going on but I found the way that Roper ( autistic man) uncovered the clues and his thought process amazing to read about so that made this a detective novel with a difference.

Yes there are some mistakes in the writing so needs proofreading maybe before re-publishing again but that did not take away the brilliance of the story for me.  Looking forward to reading the next book in this series and really hope Michael Leese keeps on writing.




I have a few of Carol’s books featuring DI Robyn Carter and they just seem to get better and better.  The team of police who have to solve a murder get no closer to finding out who did it when there is another murder, no clues as to who did this but a lot who could have committed them.  Robin tries to keep her mind on the job but then an attempted break-in at her house and thinking that she has seen her dead partner all play a big part on her ability to find the killer.  With more murders and being no closer to finding who did it, she relies on her team to pick through the evidence.

Really clever writing as there are a few characters in this story that all intertwine with each other and actually any could be committing these crimes.  I loved this as I do like a good mystery and this really is as you won’t get who did it until towards the end.  Well worth waiting for though as it is a really good story.

I hope carol writes another one in this series as there is still a question mark about her dead boyfriend, is he really dead or is someone playing tricks or is she really imagining all these things?

Lets hope we do not have to wait to long.



Susie Orbach was very interesting to listen to, the questions were all answered in-depth.  I got her book so will be reading and reviewing at a later date.  It was a shame there was not more time as these one hour slots are not really long enough to really get into a discussion.  I am hoping the book will pick up on a lot of the questions that were in the write-up about this session.



Myself and Sheila went to the event hosted by Lennox again,  she really is one of the best hosts of the festival.


Lennox & Sheila


Juno was a lovely person and so very honest about everything


and it really made you sit up and realise all the struggles and just plain not knowing what she was from an early age.  I had a quick glance through the book that I will read after Sheila, Juno was an award-winning author before she became Juno who she is now. The many books she has written have all been extremely well received and I am sure she will go on to write many more.



My last event was Andy Miller’s and as soon as I walked in the room we both recognised one another from last year, he did change the session a bit but it is all good learning.


He is very good at getting people to participate and is full of information that we just carry on gleaning out of him. This year he has read 141 books and I thought I was doing good on 54!

That was the end of the book festival for me this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and met some new lovely people.  I think this gets better every year and am already looking forward to next years.

In February Julie Wassmer has invited me over to the Faversham festival so that is something to look forward to in the new year.

I  hope you have all enjoyed these events along with me. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.



Some of the time when reading this I thought I was reading about myself as we have all been there if you have tried internet dating, but a real funny story and nice light entertainment.  I love Morgens way of writing here as it all fits so nicely together, such a variety of character’s that add the fun and realism to this book.  We could all be an Izzy and you do have to laugh at some of the dates or you would just despair.  I was so enjoying this book that the ending just sort of crept up really quick and I would have liked it to go on a bit more about who she ended up with, I just did not want it to end.

I could just imagine this as a TV show with each date being an episode as it would be very funny.  This is the second book of Morgen’s that I have read and really enjoyed them both. You can buy them both on Amazon here.


The Folkestone Book Festival came to life yesterday afternoon when three fantastic crime writers popped along for a chat and I must say the setting was absolutely gorgeous.


Sheila came along to the event with me as I have got her into the crime books and she was pleased to meet them and get her books signed. Catching up with Julie Wassmer again was great, her new book will be out next year and watch this space as I will be on the blog tour with my review going out on publication day. Julie was pleased to buy herself a book from her fellow writers as she can now enjoy reading someone’s else’s crimes instead of writing her own.

It was a great pleasure to meet Lisa Cutts who not only writes crime books but is also a very good police detective in her day job as well, at least there will be no mistakes in any of her procedures she writes about. It really was great talking to her, the first book she wrote called Never Forget won an award which must have been amazing for her, especially when so many new authors are rejected many times before they get into print. Just goes to show how good her books are, I bought Buried Secrets so will be reviewing that as soon as I can fit the reading in. I am always amazed at how truly lovely writers or anyone in the book trade are, never is anything too much trouble for them and will always answer and help you in any way they can. I will look forward to catching up with Lisa in the future.

The very brave male joining the group was William Shaw who was a journalist in his previous life and a very good one I am told, but now he is known as a brilliant crime writer with his latest book The Bird Watcher doing extremely well. Sheila bought one of his books so I will be reading it after her and reviewing it. I was asked who was my favourite author but I really couldn’t say as I read so many brilliant books, I could not pin it down to any one person.

The discussion between them and the audience went really well and was one of the best attended shows especially for an afternoon and I would imagine it would have sold out if it was an evening one and left many disappointed people. Lennox who chaired the chat/discussion did an amazing job steering them to some great informative answers to her questions.

A wonderful afternoon and one I enjoyed very much, it’s always a pleasure for me to meet the writers when I spend so long reading their books. I hope to catch up with them all again in the future.


Let’s hope the person who finds this enjoys the book and passes it along. #bookfairies


As part of The Folkestone Book Festival there is a short story competition held by The Folkestone Writers group.  Yesterday I went to the reading of the winning stories.

The results of this year’s competition were:

1st Prize: Geoff Madle for ‘The Cruciverbalist’s Tale’.

2nd Prize: Alexander Tulloch for ‘A Bitch called Lucy’.


Third place: Margaret Harland-Suddes for ‘The Fire Bird’.


A fun couple of hours listening to the stories with a lively debate about them!

We will now wait to see what stories are picked to go in The Folkestone Anthology for 2018.



Oh wow, what a story, Lisa has pulled it out the bag again. Surprise after surprise, you just never know or can predict what is going to happen next so I just kept on reading so I am going to blame Lisa for my low word count in NaNoWriMo!

You may remember Flora from a previous novel who was held captive for so long then finally when she came home she is just a different person and appears to be on a path of helping abducted people get away from their abductors.  Setting up a website she steers people towards fighting back and escaping, will Flora ever be normal I don’t think so, she was taken and abused for so long she does not know anything else but she is good at helping locate people and that is how she ends up helping DD the cop she befriends and even trusts a little bit, not that she would admit to that.

This story is heartbreaking when you read what these children go through and how it eventually breaks them and their family. There is no happy ending but there are surprises and shocks for everyone. I really do love a good book that keeps you so engrossed and you never know what is going to happen next and this gives you that. A good five stars of super writing, brilliant characters that all bounce of one another, becoming interlinked in surprising ways.

This is in my top five of the year!