Netgalley gave me this story to read for an honest review, Very pleased they did as this is really, really good. It keeps you locked in there trying to work out who is telling the truth and this continues about three-quarters of the way through then you get clarity of one thing but it still does not fit together. I was amazed at all that happened towards the end and I really do not think you will ever guess the twist. It is really hard to know what to say in this review as I don’t want to give anything away, it is just too good for that and I want you all to really appreciate it for what it is and that is a brilliant piece of writing. Tim Weaver is astounding in the way he writes, so much going on but so clear as well. I am positive that this will be another best seller.



I received this book from netgalley for an honest review. The title got my attention straight away as I would love to go to Rome. The descriptions of the food and places was really good, you could almost taste the pizzas!

Moving to a strange country and starting work in a restaurant where all the family lived upstairs was so brave but Mary knew she had to do it and it worked out really well. Mary discovered lots of things about herself while being taken into the hearts of the Rossi family. They all discover that accepting the past helps you to move on with them all doing that in their own way. Mary becomes a bit of an agony aunt while trying to solve some problems but she does this by just being herself. She is a lovely person inside and outside and that is why they all fall in love with her, can Mary have more though? She thinks she craves to be wanted but discovers everyone has needs it’s how you go about it that makes the difference.

This is a lovely summer holiday read that will keep you happy and dreaming on the beach, you may get hungry though with all the descriptions about the food.


From the first book I read by Amanda Prowse I was hooked, I have never known an author write with such emotion and knowledge, it is like she has experienced all she writes. Her books will make you laugh and cry, even get a bit exasperated at times but its all good as if you can get into a book to that effect then the author has done a great job.

I first read Anna, you can see my blog post here about that, so I was looking forward to Theos turn. I started off not really liking him because of the way he treated Anna but after reading about Theos life you end up loving him to and also realising that they really do go together like cheese and biscuits.

He had a tortured life from boarding school that he hated to a family that he never really fitted in. Then finding out he had a child was an emotional nightmare that he nearly didn’t recover from. Meeting Anna was the greatest point in his life but also the worse as he could not give her what she wanted, children. Will they recover from all what is thrown at them?

You do not have to read Anna as Theo can be a stand alone but to get the full impact it is good to read both and after that there will be Kitty’s story, I cannot wait to read that and see what her life was like.

Take these on holiday but please no crying on the beach.




After the best seller last year of Ruth Hogans The keeper of lost things I was expecting wonderful things and was really looking forward to reading this. I was given a review copy from Netgalley for an honest review so here goes. It was a very slow pace but it didn’t manage to draw me in, with very slow story lines it needed something to make you want to turn the next page.  The first bit was confusing and hard to get in to, I would think if you are going through the grieving process maybe it would be for you. To read about that was not for me I’m afraid, sorry.





I was given this to read from Netgalley for an honest review, this is the second book that I have requested as it looked and sounded good and just the sort of book I like. I was very mistaken though as this was just chapters about people’s lives and what had happened to them. I am struggling and only on 30% read but I will keep going so I can give you more of an idea what on earth is going on!

I can honestly say that this was not for me, the first part seemed to be chapters that were just hanging there with no direction. It was very confusing and I could not get to grips with it at all. I read this on a kindle so it takes time to keep going back to parts to try to understand where it was going or even where it came from and about who!

I was surprised as her previous book had brilliant reviews. Read it yourself and I would like to know what you think.





I was given this to read by Netgalley for a review and very pleased I asked for this one as it was good. Two story lines that flowed really well, good characters with determination to succeed but at what cost? I liked the way the author really explained the people but with out a plain description so you really got to know them. At one point I wanted to strangle the husband but then it all changed again. From the way it starts it takes you on a journey with many twists and turns and I really do not think you would have any idea at the beginning about what was going to happen.

As the mystery developes you see two best friends dealing with so much trauma in their lives that you are never sure if they can come back from this. Once you start reading you will carry on until the end as it really grips you to find out what is going on.

Child grooming comes into it with the story line showing how quickly and easily they get into a child’s head which may even be good for teenagers to read this. I am sure the research was from a survivor as it was so plain and down to earth as I am sure that is what happens.

This is Zoe Lea’s first book so I think she has started very well, I hope she writes another one but I cannot see anything yet about one. It must be very encouraging to get good reviews the first time you publish so lets hope she goes on to bigger and better things. A great read for the summer to keep you laying on the beach, with sun cream of course.




Tuesday 1st May, what a change in the weather, we had rain for over 12 hours yesterday with flooding, trees down, lost electricity, people being swept off piers by huge waves and even beach huts ending up in the sea! Today the sun is shining, a blue sky temperature up a few degrees and they predict a hot bank holiday weekend, hope I have not spoken too soon! img_1238


I have two birthdays at the weekend, Alfie will be 10 and Izzy 15 It only seems like yesterday that Alfie was born, I need to make the most of him coming to stay as they get to about 14 then hobbies, school and friends take precedent over spending a weekend with your Nan.


I may take Peaches (the cat) out in the camper one day as I have got her such a cool playpen type thing for her to go outside.

I cannot wait to see what she thinks about that, it folds up really small and for £14.99 I was very pleased, well done Amazon.

We have two bank holiday Mondays this month so that’s great for some workers as they get a long weekend. Also its half term towards the end and that will mean a week away in the camper with family and friends. Really looking forward to that, I do enjoy it when you get everything set up and stay a few days so you can really relax and enjoy everything. I have got a solar charger for my phone so will be trying that out and I want to see how long the leisure battery lasts when using things normally, I may invest in solar panels on roof if needed and when I have saved for them.


I have two book reviews coming out this week then May and June are busy with books so ‘do not disturb as reading’ will be applied a lot. At the moment I am reading The wisdom of Sally red shoes by Ruth Hogan, who wrote the best seller The keeper of lost things, last year. This was a review copy from Netgalley, I am about half way through but will tell you more in the review on publishing day the 3rd May. I am actually having to turn books down at the moment, just so many good ones plus the other promotions and reviews that need doing.


The Sarah & Duck show at The Leas Cliff Hall finished yesterday with the winner watching the show, blog post to come about that. Click on the link above to see the shows that are coming up, some exciting times for Folkestone.

The Old English Company are running a competition now that you can see here also the details are on my blog and website. So many goods on their website again a blog post will be coming about what I buy.fullsizeoutput_164b


Version 2

My flowers from Prestige Flowers are looking great and filling the flat with gorgeous perfumes. It would be great if you could have a constant display of fresh flowers all the time, even in the summer when I get some from the garden I am toyed with do I leave them so the garden looks pretty or bring them indoors. I try to do both and plant more cut flower types every year.IMG_1462


So many changes coming up for sites to adhere to, I have just up-dated mine so the SSL encryption is enabled, this means that the ‘s’ has been added to the address as in so my site is secure. Soon Google will put up a message saying the site is not secure when you click on it if you have not got this.

Also the new data laws are changing, you are probably experiencing lots of emails where sites are up-dating their policies. I will be doing this as well in the coming weeks.


As I am running competitions now there will be a newsletter in the coming weeks and I plan to do Author Question Time ( If any authors want to be involved then let me know here.) and giveaways, wow I hear you say. Now I really don’t want you to miss any of this so the best way is to follow me, it’s really easy just click here and fill in your email address in the box.fullsizeoutput_1667

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Before you ask about the Food Reviews, yes I am still doing those as they are so popular with you and I have a few new places that I will be visiting in Folkestone in the next weeks and letting you know all about them.

So what do you think?

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