International day of happiness, are you all happy?

Considering it is the first day of Spring I am not very happy that it is blowing a gale and raining so the good thing about that is all the new plants will get a good watering over the day so I guess that makes me happy.  Do we wake up happy or does something make us happy, do you think we would get blasè about being happy if we were all the time?  Maybe then we would get miserable because we are so happy LOL

My children and grandchildren make me happy all the time everything is going to plan but when it’s not, it’s not!  That is the only fault with having ten grandchildren there always appears to be an issue somewhere but I wouldn’t change them for the world as they are what keep me going and their parents of course.

My other happiness is my garden and the sunshine and if I cannot get it in my garden then trips to Spain make me very happy, not that I do very much over there apart from sunbathing, reading and writing.

What ever makes you happy have a great day. x



CASTLE HILL primary school got into dressing up for world book day, teachers included.

Lots of good looking book people for WORLD BOOK DAY 2017  Also Mia’s 5th birthday so lots of clebrations.


I appear to have one child that worries me so much more than the other two but I guess that’s good that it is only the one as I would be completely grey if was all of them. lol

Billie has always loved horses and is in her element now she has three and also works at the stables.  I am wanting to buy her some body armour as hats and body protector are not enough, I guess really she needs wrapping in cotton wool.

As she walked up to the field with her horse and Jades pony, Samson, he decided to shake his head and headbutt her right in the eye!  Another trip to hospital which is the third in as many months, I do wonder how much her poor head can take.  Flipping horses!

They did say it would get worse before it gets better but the worst thing is the looks she is getting from people, who I guess are thinking the worse and getting it completely wrong. As if she don’t feel bad enough already, make up can cover it a bit but it’s very sore to put on so she is hurting on the outside and the inside.

This Mum job is so much harder than you can ever imagine especially when you are gazing lovingly at your first new-born. It all changes quickly though as then they have you up twice in the night for a feed and poop all over your bed and then cry with colic for 2 hours but that’s as worse as it gets yer?  Oh no!  you have now started on a road that is never-ending with many bumps, puddles, craters and even blocked roads, you have no idea and why don’t people tell you, oh yer! they did and you ignored those adults as they know nothing.  You know what is even worse,  you then forget all about the hard bits and do it all over again.

I think the best bit is the wonderful grandchildren they give you as then you can shower them with love but at the end of the day they go home to their parents.  That’s how you get your own back as then they start on the never-ending road of love.

Have a wonderful lazy Sunday everyone, see you in the week. x


Film night
I went round my daughters a while ago for a film night and we watched Bridget Jones’s Baby and The Girl On The Train.  

Bridget Jones’s Baby – Very good, funny and your typical Bridget that we all know and love. Of course there has to be two men and only one can be the father. The ending surprised me as her books normally leave you wondering but this finishes off with the family wedding so Bridget eventually gets married, who would have guessed.  I will leave to you to see who she chooses.

The Girl On The Train – I have read the book which I loved and it was in my top five books that year. I had read a few reviews about the film with most not being very complimentary but I have to say that I thought the film was great. You could follow it through fine even if you hadn’t read the book. The actress Emily Blunt played a fantastic role as the drunk ex-wife that was worthy of an award in my opinion. This keeps you guessing until almost the end and then it all falls into place very neatly. Great film that you really should watch, in fact I could watch it again as it was so good and I don’t say that very often.



I just had to go here again, the cookie dough is the best I have ever tasted.  There should be more of these places about.

So much choice that it really is hard to choose so it is best to go hungry as they are very filling.

That was my treat for the week and was nice to spend time with eldest daughter and have a catch up with no children about.  Jodie settled for the waffle after much deliberation, the ice-cream they have is really nice a bit like the MacDonald’s ice-cream.  Service is very good all young and really friendly.  I am looking forward to the summer and trying the sundaes again a lot of choice so think I may have to go a few times till I find the best one.





Half term has to include a lunch date so we decided to try somewhere different, I have read a lot of good reviews about this pub and I have to say they were all right as it is a lovely place for a drink or meal, also having a garden that is very popular in the summer.


Prices are very reasonable, with a great choice, there is a children’s menu but these two wanted fish and chips, which they both ate all up.  We didn’t try the desserts as too full but maybe next time.




As fast as the snow arrived it disappeared but not before Jade had a quick ride on Samson in it, did not appear to bother either of them but I am sure it must be more fun in the sunshine.


I acquired myself a record player and was very pleased to discover that it had a CD drive and a cassette deck, radio and aux plug, the sound is great and I am so pleased with it, even more so in that it only cost me £30 and they are selling new for £145 my bargain of the month I think.  I then spent all Saturday listening to all my old records, such good memories.  I love it when so many of the songs you can actually remember an event that happened at that time.  I don’t feel that happens now a days or am I just too old and nothing much happens any more?

I was 6 years old when that christmas song came out and I have never heard it play on TV or radio since then.  Typical teenager writing all over Donny Osmond cover for Puppy Love, you can not beat the original, then summer of my life; 14 and heartbroken.  Many more happy memories that last forever.  I am very cross with myself for chucking out all my old cassettes and I only did that about 6 months ago, gutted.

Mia and Zac came for dinner and Peaches was trying her very best to ignore them and go sleep and then hissed at me as if I was the one waking her up!   The children are all on half term for the week so I have a movie night planned with Jodie and a trip to London with Izzy.  I am not filling myself up too much as still get really tired and out of breath so a bit of reading and writing will be my lot for the week.  Have a great week what ever you are doing x