Not to worry just click on this link and you can have your choice of flowers or gifts sent to the one you love on Wednesday, Prestige Flowers deliver anywhere so how about sending them to where they work.

If you want a nice bottle of wine for the evening then I suggest a nice bottle of sparkling rosé from Terlingham winery, serve chilled with anything and you will be in their good books for ages.




What a grey area we have here and it does not matter what the topic is as for some you are never too old.


I think choosing what we wear after we turn 50 is a bit of a gamble with the good thing being that maybe we are too old to give a dam and just wear what we like and what is comfortable. I think some get a bit braver and mix up their style and I’m all for that, let’s have a bit of individuality as lets face it no one is going to stop you and say something, we are british and far too ‘proper’ for that.

Dating – It certainly does not get any easier no matter what age you are, it’s all a bit of a minefield especially once you look at internet dating. Supposed to be easier as your only matched to people who match you but I can assure you it does not always work. We all know all the rules about safety but what about courage and nerves we need an app to activate that as I am lacking in that department. A truth button on the dating sites would be good as we can all put what ever we like.

A little while ago there was a speed dating event in Folkestone and it is one thing that I have never attempted but I thought I could go with a friend and it could be a fun night out. This is where the title of the post comes in as yes, I was too old! Me at 57 was too old to attend the speed dating, I was a bit peeved. Why would they think the middle-aged of us are too old to speed date? There are an awful lot of single, divorced and widowed older people now which I am sure would make it a very fun evening and I am sure we would all stay for a drink and socialise until the close of the bar!

So maybe age is just a number and you are only as old as the man you are feeling….I wish! LOL

I really liked his poem by Ananya Grace Haldar that I saw on Facebook.

“Romancing After Forty”

We didn’t see this coming
We thought we were done
with pursuing and dating.
It’s Rube Goldberg complex
just trying to meet someone;
and the rules have changed
You’re either too needy —–
Or not needy enough.

Then there’s the danger
of judging too soon.
So we accept each other’s baggage because what would we look like
if we never took that chance?
We learn to embrace
these novelties
with the phases of the moon.

By now, we are who we are
No one is going to change.
We’ve reached middle age
We’re confident, successful.
Ready for the next stage.
We have experience,
so take that leap of faith —–
You might like where you land.

Ananya Grace Haldar
16 January 2018


To be perfectly honest I really don’t like February, apart from the cold it is full of all the love, romance and happy stuff that single people like myself do not have in our lives. As much as I enjoy and embrace being single, to be able to do, go, eat, sleep and talk to myself when ever I want, there will always be that tiny bit that thinks why can’t someone love me enough to send me flowers or buy me a card and gifts. That feeling does not last long but it appears extremely often during February and why is there not a happy and single day?

I have therefore decided to give you a few ideas of what to buy that lady in your life and I am sure she would love any one of these presents, that is because they are all things that I would love to be given.

Here we have the lotions and potions for our faces, obviously the Estee Lauder I will be dreaming about for ever as it is a bit pricy but if you have the money to spoil the love of your life then go for this one.

We all love to have a soak in the bath and I think Bayliss and Harding and Jo Malone are the best and she also has the candle and diffuser to all match the bath scent. Just bring me a glass of champagne while I soak my gorgeous body.

A bit random here but I am loving the camera strap no more leather strap digging in your neck, why did I not think of this?

I love my cat so I thought the bag was cute as I do read a lot and write lots of reviews.

The trainer with sparkly bits on, they don’t do these in a 5 or I would have been very tempted.  What sort of trainers/sneakers does a 57-year-old woman wear when camping, cannot seem to find anything that I really like.


Last but not least if you have no money then make her a card with your own poem inside about what she means to you. Find some wool and knit her this heart to always keep her hands warm round her favourite coffee mug.

So there we have some lovely ideas, if of course you would like to get me something then that’s great, let me know which restaurant to meet you at. lol

I must go and get on with some other writerly things…..after a quick look on Pinterest.




I am looking forward to a good week after being ill for nearly four weeks I think I am coming out the other side, I am not saying I am 100% but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I also really want to get back into my writing and I have not felt like that for a long time.  The only thing I have been doing is reading and wow have I read some great books lately, check out the reviews on my page.

So, what is the love about?  

Valentines Day, when did it become February full of love month?  I have nothing against love but for all us single girls it does all become a bit much, every magazine, paper, TV station, adverts, advertising boards all full of bloody love.  I really do not think that all the people who wish to buy a card or present need so much reminding about what they can get and where, we are not stupid.  Rant over, have a great day x



I tend to do a lot of thinking when I am driving somewhere on my own, particularly today as was going to the dentist so I did not want to think about that, which turned out to be a most traumatic experience.  Anyway my thoughts led me to realise that dating is so very hard these days, even for young people unless your brother has a good looking friend, that does not happen very often but I do know one person that is now happily married to her younger brothers mate.


To go out for the evening there are probably only a couple of bars that are popular in your town, depending on size of town and maybe one late night club.  But when you have been to the same place for a few weekends you end up seeing all the same people so if you did not like anyone the first couple of times it is then doubtful you ever will.

So, whats next?  Hobbies, how many young people have a hobby?  I guess a group of girls could all decide they liked to watch football and go check out the players, this works with rugby and any sport really.  Standing in the cold, wet miserable weather does not make you look your best so maybe try an indoor sport, swimming is good as you get to look them all over but you may get some strange looks sitting on your own watching people swim.  Finding a local band you like could work well as you get to follow them around your county so this is a positive so long as your friend likes them to.


Then you have the dating sites and the first thing is trying to decide which one to use, they all seem to go through their popularity over the years, with many more popping up all the time.  All the free sites you will probably see half the people you grew up with on them so it is probably better to pay a bit and I mean a bit as paying hundreds of pounds does not guarantee you love, even if they say they will as lets face it its just luck if you happen to be matched to the man of your dreams and you do actually like him.


If all this fails then it is time to start evening classes, maybe car or bike maintenance or decorating as if you still do not meet the man of your dreams at least you have learnt something useful.


Holidays, we all love a holiday romance but if you just have a few weekend’s away in your own country then you only have a bit of distance keeping you apart.  If desperate go abroad and just have holiday romance at least then you know you are still attracting some.


Apart from sitting on the train or how ever you get to work and having a good look around, checking out the coffee shops or cinema then thats about it for a quick breakdown.  Oh and the older you get the harder it gets, I have now depressed myself even more but the good thing is that I like living alone and once you reach that stage nothing can compare.

Home Sweet Home

Happy dating x


First of all there appears to be something wrong with, well WordPress I guess as I cannot upload photos to put in here.  I have tried on my phone on 4g on my wifi on phone, iPad and laptop, even done it through the app and safari and turning everything off and reloading.  This is now the second day and I am ready to to explode, it is so frustrating; I just do not know what else to try.  

For some reason every part of my skin is so itchy it is also driving me mad.  I am not having a good weekend and then to top it all off it is Valentine’s Day,  is it because I am single that I hate it so much?  Probably lol.  I popped to town yesterday in the rain and it was busy, even the jewellers!  I have never received anything that good but it wasn’t as popular years ago as it is now but I guess that is the way we are heading, every day that has a title we celebrate more now.  I just don’t like the way they raise the price of things but that is commercialism gone crazy I guess.  

It is half term here now and I am spending a few days with Izzy, so looking forward to it and will try to blog about everything if I ever get the photos to work……gggrrrrrrr

I am also going to change the name of the blog to Karen’s Blog or World not sure which and get rid of the Nanny Cool, I just wish I could change the name on Twitter as I don’t want to open a new one as I have over a thousand followers on it.  

Busy and changing times coming up, probably with more problems knowing my luck!  Have a super day all you loved up people.  I see a glimmer of something nice on the horizon……I have a date next weekend, details will follow. x