I thought this was interesting, I think we all know about Lavender helping towards sleep but there are a few others that all help in their own way. I think the Jasmin would look pretty for a bedroom also the Gardenia so I will be getting those plants and some nice pots for the bedroom.









Lets hope we all sleep better with these plants in the bedroom.



Not to worry just click on this link and you can have your choice of flowers or gifts sent to the one you love on Wednesday, Prestige Flowers deliver anywhere so how about sending them to where they work.

If you want a nice bottle of wine for the evening then I suggest a nice bottle of sparkling rosé from Terlingham winery, serve chilled with anything and you will be in their good books for ages.




To be perfectly honest I really don’t like February, apart from the cold it is full of all the love, romance and happy stuff that single people like myself do not have in our lives. As much as I enjoy and embrace being single, to be able to do, go, eat, sleep and talk to myself when ever I want, there will always be that tiny bit that thinks why can’t someone love me enough to send me flowers or buy me a card and gifts. That feeling does not last long but it appears extremely often during February and why is there not a happy and single day?

I have therefore decided to give you a few ideas of what to buy that lady in your life and I am sure she would love any one of these presents, that is because they are all things that I would love to be given.

Here we have the lotions and potions for our faces, obviously the Estee Lauder I will be dreaming about for ever as it is a bit pricy but if you have the money to spoil the love of your life then go for this one.

We all love to have a soak in the bath and I think Bayliss and Harding and Jo Malone are the best and she also has the candle and diffuser to all match the bath scent. Just bring me a glass of champagne while I soak my gorgeous body.

A bit random here but I am loving the camera strap no more leather strap digging in your neck, why did I not think of this?

I love my cat so I thought the bag was cute as I do read a lot and write lots of reviews.

The trainer with sparkly bits on, they don’t do these in a 5 or I would have been very tempted.  What sort of trainers/sneakers does a 57-year-old woman wear when camping, cannot seem to find anything that I really like.


Last but not least if you have no money then make her a card with your own poem inside about what she means to you. Find some wool and knit her this heart to always keep her hands warm round her favourite coffee mug.

So there we have some lovely ideas, if of course you would like to get me something then that’s great, let me know which restaurant to meet you at. lol

I must go and get on with some other writerly things…..after a quick look on Pinterest.



Apart from the cold and rain January has not been too bad for me, my health had its ups and downs but I have kept busy with my reading and writing even if I have been in bed.

I think my three main highs would be:

  1. My blog has been going for 5 years, with more readers every day from all the social media platforms it goes on.
  2. Reading 5 books and half way through the 6th one, a really good variety and well on track towards my yearly total.
  3. Receiving some glorious flowers, delicious chocolates and the cutest teddy from Prestige Flowers, any girl would love them.


New books, I have seen some books that sound really good this month so I hope I get round to reading them, so they have gone on my list.

The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler

The Tent, The Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy

A Room with a View by E.M. Forster

Are Experienced? by William Sutcliffe

The funniest thing would be ending up with a huge bag of ginger when I only wanted one bit.

Shopping, I was very good as only bought make-up and I used my points in Boots, so all good on that score and kept to my budget.

We also celebrated Freddie’s 4th birthday, why can’t my grandchildren stop getting older lol.

I am looking forward to February, my aim is to increase the traffic to my blog, so please, all share my posts and comment as it is lovely to hear what you have to say.


The years roll on, feeling like they are going so much quicker the older you get. It certainly does not feel like I have been writing this blog for five years! I am amazed that I still find things to write about but I can honestly say that there is always something that pops into my mind as I open the mac.

I am now getting authors and publishers sending me books to review, so I am enjoying reading a variety of stories, which is good.

Companies have started requesting reviews, which is very exciting as I get to try many products, from cat foods to magazines and of course the wonderful flowers I had the last week from Prestige Flowers. I could do with a car to review lol.

The reviews of the restaurants/bars and coffee shops are very popular especially with the people of Folkestone and I have a couple of new places coming up soon, so watch this space.

My reader numbers have gone up on all the platforms that my blog goes on, actually increasing everyday.

I am looking forward to doing a bit of travelling in the camper van round the UK once spring arrives so that will then be travel posts to add to the many others.

Someone asked me the other day what I blog about and what heading would it come under, so as there is so much variety but it is always to do with my world I live in, I said it all comes under lifestyle, KAREN’S LIFESTYLE IN KAREN’S WORLD.




Prestige Flowers contacted me regarding doing a review of their range, in particular the Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts. I had to say yes as there is nothing better than being sent flowers, I was going to say for a woman but men like to get them as well, one red rose says so much for lovers.

You certainly do not have to worry about your flowers and gifts getting damaged as the box is large, really tough, and secure. I could smell the fragrance from the roses as soon as the box was open. Packaged and arranged so beautifully I was an instant fan of this company and will be using them for all my flower deliveries from now on.

After lifting the bouquet out from the box I then saw the most adorable teddy which was so soft and really well made so it would also be an ideal present for a new baby. The tag on the teddy whose name is Harry is so cute, he will touch your heart.

I loved the different type of greenery and gold branches in with the twelve red roses. The box was not empty yet though as then I got to the chocolates, what woman would not like this for Valentines Day or actually any day of the year and she will be a little bit more in love with you.


February 14th is Valentine’s Day

March 11th is Mother’s Day 

June 17th is Father’s Day

Plus not forgetting Easter and all those special birthdays for your family. This has solved all your problems as the selection of flowers, gifts and balloons is amazing so there is sure to be the perfect gift at Prestige Flowers here.


Two vases of flowers a teddy and chocolates, that are delicious, I am one very happy girl all I need now is a man to go with all this maybe they should have single delivery men! LOL

Peaches was impressed and loved the red shiny packaging so even the cat was pleased with this wonderful gift. I would like to say a big thank you to Prestige Flowers for absolutely making my week with these roses.


The range that this company offers is very good, I particularly like the hampers, something for every occasion.